How To Wash Graco Car Seat

Spilling coffee on the car seat makes you frustrated less for wasting Starbuck’s favorite and more for the overtime you have to go through! Yes, we are talking about washing the car seat. Well, the professionals do it amazingly.

But are you ready to pay so much for washing the car seat?

If you know how to wash Graco car seat, you can save your bucks for the next coffee!

Steps on Washing Graco Car Seat

Well, well, well, if you have your favorite Graco car seat installed, try not to make it dirty. But if it’s already dirty, you have to wash it anyway! Check out how to wash Graco extend2fit car seat cover!

Steps on Washing Graco Car Seat

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

First of all, get your hands on the elements that you will need for washing the car seat. For of all, water is necessary no doubt. And then, you will need soap. However, as you are dealing with the car seat, you have to be extra cautious.

So, we recommend you go for a gentle soap. To rub off the car seat, you will need a cloth. Also, you should keep wipes for a proper cleaning job. For the perfect cleaning, an all-purpose cleaner is also necessary here.

As it’s a Graco car seat, you don’t want to damage it! And that’s why we suggest you use baby products such as baby wipes or baby all-purpose cleaner.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Loose Dirt

We won’t deny that different models of Graco car seats include different manuals. In the manual, you can easily find the cleaning method. However, there is a general method of cleaning the car seat too. The first thing you need here is to clean the seat pad’s loose dirt.

Yes, we often ignore this step and move to the next one. But if you do that, the next methods will be messier. To keep the cleaning method neat, get rid of the loose dirt first. Use a brush for the process. However, we recommend you use an old brush. Old brushes have soft bristles.

Step 3: Get the Fabric in the Water

You can either setting for handwashing or you can also prefer washing it in the machine! Which one do you prefer?

Hand Washing Graco Car Seat

First of all, get your hands on soapy water. Mix a bit of gentle soap in the water. After preparing the water, you need to go for a piece of cloth. At times, you might want to use a sponge.

Well, using a sponge is alright but make sure that the sponge isn’t harsh. If you go for a hard sponge, it can scratch your car seat. So, go for a soft sponge. A cloth is the best option because it won’t hurt the material of the seat pad.

All you need now is to get the cloth or the sponge inside the soapy water. Wring the sponge or cloth properly. Make sure there is no extra water.

Machine Washing Graco Car Seat

If you don’t like cleaning it right there, we recommend you to take the car seat cover out of the car. Once it’s out of the car, wash the fabric in your washing machine.

Use a gentle detergent in the water and go for a gentle circle in the machine. After this, you need to air dry it. Never go for a hair dryer for drying. Lay it down or hang it in the sun!

Step 4: Wipe off the Seat Pad

Now that the cloth is ready, all you need is to wipe off the seat pad. With the damp cloth or the sponge, you have to slowly rub all the dirt on the seat.

For the stubborn messes, you can simply keep the damp sponge for a while in the position. And then, slowly, once again, try to rub it off. All the messes will be gone by now.

Step 5: Clean the Buckle

You are done with cleaning the seat pad. Now, it’s your turn to move to the buckle strap. Get the buckle strap out of the car first. Manage a cup of water and place the buckle inside the water. To ensure that water has reached all the parts of the buckle, you have to press the button a few times.

Water will go in and clean the interior. Once you have got it in, you have to wait for some time. Let the water cleanse the whole buckle and let it come out neat. After you are done submerging the buckle for a while, you have to get the buckle out of the water.

Hold the buckle and start shaking it in the air. As there is extra water inside the buckle, if you shake it, the additional water will go away. After you have removed all the water, you have to let it air dry. 

Step 6: Clean the Buckle Strap

Yes, we have told you to clean the buckle by submerging it in the water. However, you cannot submerge the buckle strap in the water. The fabric of the straps might not allow you to submerge it. At times, people use detergent water for submerging the buckle strap.

If you do it, the straps will be damaged. The fabric might get ruined. Keep it away from submerging. Simply clean it with a piece of cloth or soft brush or sponge. A damp cloth is enough for cleaning the straps. You don’t want to weaken the strap’s material, do you?

Tips for Washing Graco Car Seat

  • Remove the loose dirt with a soft brush to make the process tidy
  • For stubborn messes, you can go for manufacturer-recommended cleaners
  • Go for a soft cloth or a soft sponge for the cleaning process
  • Never submerge the harness and LATCH straps in the water (with or without detergent)
  • Gentle cleaners are the best deal for cleaning, never go for anything harsh

Some Useful Guide on Graco Car Seat

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Wrap Up

Cleaning the Graco car seat is not like any other car seat out there. The material of the Graco car seat is high-end. And in times to take care of the high-end material, you must ensure that the process of cleaning also is safer for the construction. We always recommend you to read out the owner’s manual before you follow any method online.

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