Best Car Scratch Remover Pen-Buying Guide & Reviews

Last year, my 2017 Chevy got dented after a slight collision with a bicycle. It was a mild scratch on my car’s bumper. So I needed to repair it. I went to a showroom to see how much it would cost. They said that it would cost me around $200 to repair the tiny scratch. So I started looking for other ways to sort the problem. Then I came across car scratch repair pens.

They are vastly popular as they remove paintwork scratches in just a few minutes. Also, they cost around $10 only and require no previous experience! So I went ahead and tried them out, and guess what? The scratch is nowhere to be found anymore, and my bumper looks brand new!

How To Use The Car Scratch Remover Pens Effectively

Tiny little nicks, dings, and scratches are sure to happen when you drive on the open road. But those scratches don’t have to be permanent. A  good scratch remover might be able to help you remove that ding right out. These pens work as great applicators. They are filled with clear coat resin. This is the same resin that forms the outer layer of a car’s paint. The manufacturers of these pens claim to give professional results in a few easy steps; fill the scratch with a clear coat, let the area dry and then polish the surface.

To achieve precision while using car scratch repair pens, you have to evenly fill up a scratch with a steady hand and experience. Also, you need the width of the tip of the pen to be the right size. There is a good chance that the scratches you are dealing with are smaller than the pen tip, so there will always be an excess product that you need to polish out. Know that these pens don’t work for scratches that have penetrated through the clear coat. The job of repairing a deep scratch should always go to a professional who will sand the scratch, polish it and repaint the area if necessary.

If you’re wondering which ones are the best car scratch remover pens, keep reading. After some extensive research, I’ve made a list of the best car scratch remover pens based on my assessment of different types of car scratch removers, their prices, and reviews by the users. With the help of the right pen, you can bring your scratched-up car to a brand new condition. But first, let’s learn about the different types of car scratch removers for a better understanding.

Best Car Scratch Remover Pens

Types of Car Scratch Removers

There are different scratch remover options available in the market, depending on the severity of the scratch. If there is a minor scratch, you can remove it at home using several techniques, but if the scratch is too deep, you should opt for various car scratch repair kits or visit a professional. Here are some common types of car scratch removers.

Rubbing compound

You can remove a surface-level scratch by using a special rubbing compound. To apply the rubbing compound, you should first wash the affected area properly with soapy water and then clean it with a microfiber cloth. A buffing pad is used to apply a small amount of rubbing compound. Then the compound is rubbed in a circular motion by applying slight pressure. The objective is to remove the scratched clear coat. The whole process is repeated until the scratch is no more. Finally, the area is washed and dried.

Scratch repair kit

A store-bought scratch repair kit can be another option to remove mild scratches. The kit contains a rubbing pad and a solution. The surface is first washed with soapy water so that there is no dust or debris lodged on the car’s body. The surface is then cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Using the rubbing pad, a small amount of solution is rubbed onto the scratch. The excess is then wiped off. Repair kits are said to be useful for very mild scratches.

Professional help

There is no better way to repair a car scratch than professional work. Get a denting painting expert to remove your car scratches, and you will get a guaranteed perfect-showroom-finish result. Here is how they do it. The professional starts by washing the car thoroughly to remove dust and debris. Then he removes the excess paint using sandpaper and keeps doing it until the core of the scratch is seen. The movement of the removal starts from one side of the scratch to avoid further scratches in the opposite direction. Different grits of sandpapers are used for different level scratches like 1500, 2000, etc.

Quick Summary of Our Top Picks

So, without further ado, let’s check out our top picks for the best car scratch remover pens!

  • Best overall: ACDelco GM Original Equipment 19367652 Summit White/Olympic White Touch-Up Paint
  • Best for looks: Gold Label Detailing Fine Line Fluid Writer Paint Applicator Pen
  • Best for value: ACDelco GM Original Equipment 19367651 Black Touch-Up Paint
  • Best for easy application: Fill Paint Pen Car Scratch Repair Black Touch Up Paint

Best Car Scratch Remover Pens

1. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 19367652 Summit White/Olympic White Touch-Up Paint

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions: 1.15 x 1.15 x 6.81 inches
  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Color: Summit White
  • Size: 0.5 Fl Oz
  • Weight: 2.24 Ounces

This is a convenient touch-up applicator, an all-in-one touch-up pen. This four-in-one applicator with a piston-style pen tip works best for small fixes, and the brush applicator is to be used for larger scratches and chips. The abrasive tip comes in handy. You can use the abrasive tip to smooth down the rough edge, and then you’ll be able to cover any scratch or chip with the touch-up paint. The brush applicator applies the clear coat smoothly.

Each applicator pen contains a code that ensures an exact color match to your car. The color match is near perfect if you follow the instructions. This is a great design to hold paint and ensure a clear coat. Also, it is effortless to use. However, it’s essential to use a different surface to get used to the tiny tip and figure out the proper amount of pressure to get the right amount of paint out. Or else, you may accidentally let way too much paint come out, which you’ll then have to clean up on your car and deal with. The paint molds nicely with any nicks and dings and makes a smooth surface after it dries. Included is a rough tip to scrape off the rust, a paint pen/brush combo, and a clear coat applicator. The paint dries in 30 minutes. Seriously, this is a good purchase.


  • Very handy when it comes to quick remedy
  • Four in one applicator works like a magic
  • Dual tip is for better precision
  • Affordable & high value for the price
  • High quality ensures durability
  • Clear coat gives your car a brand new look
  • Easy to use & clean


  • Color doesn’t match if you don’t follow the instructions properly

2. Gold Label Detailing Fine Line Paint Applicator Pen

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions: ‎8.27 x 2.24 x 0.39 inches
  • Brand: Gold Label Detailing
  • Color: Brass
  • Tip Size: .5mm
  • Weight: 1.06 Ounces

The Gold label Detailing Fine Line Painting Pen has a great design and application. The tip size is .5mm, which is perfect for a precise and accurate application.

This is the perfect tool for repairing rock chips on car bumpers as it doesn’t run or drip. The traditional pen or touch-up brushes drip too much paint and create a splatter, whereas this tool works great as a precise touch-up paint applicator.

The handle allows you to apply straight paint lines to any surface with accuracy and a steady hand. It is easy to clean as it includes a steam cleaner. When cleaning, fill the well with something like acetone and let it sit for a minute, then use the steam to clean out the tip from the bottom. It is easy to use as it simply fills the reservoir with paint. You can use this touch-up paint not just for scratches and rock chips but also In arts and crafts, calligraphy, and more.

The precision and accuracy of this product is admirable. This little tool makes such a difference in fixing rock chips. This tool works perfectly. It allows you to remove the tiny chips by making it possible to only apply small amounts of touch-up paint or clear coat. After you’re finished, you won’t even be able to tell that your car had lots of rock chips on the bumper!


  • Genius design & beautiful to look at
  • precise and accurate applicator
  • easy to use & clean
  • high quality ensures durability
  • versatile usability


  • slightly overflowing

3. ACDelco GM Original Equipment 19367651 Black Touch-Up Paint

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions: ‎‎1.15 x 1.15 x 6.81 inches
  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 1 Count
  • Weight: 1.76 Ounces

The ACDelco Touch-Up Paint Pen works as a four-in-one applicator which consists of a fiberglass cleaning tool, a piston style pen-tip for minor scratches, and a brush applicator for large scratches. The pen offers .25 ounces of the base color and .25 ounces of a clear coat for a perfect color match. This pen is also equipped with a mechanical agitator to ensure color match.

Each pen contains an original color matching code that ensures an exact color match to your car. The pen’s dual applicator is perfect for a variety of uses.  This works well and is much cheaper than a body shop. This pen works great for rock chips and places on your car’s bumper where the paint is peeled away. This touch-up pen matches perfectly with your car’s requirements.

It is a primer/paint/clear all in one. You can do some wet-sanding and use a rubbing compound on the places where the paint is peeled off to get the ridges more flush with the surface. Use the scratcher to get a good depth. Make sure to dab to fill the scratch, not paint the vehicle. The clear coat needs to wait until the paint dries. Then once finished, you can hit it with a black wax job, and it looks as good as new.


  • Clear coat ensures brand new look
  • perfect color matching with the original color
  • easy to apply & saves time
  • good value for the price


  • doesn’t self-level

4. Fill Paint Pen Car Scratch Repair Black Touch Up Paint

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions: ‎‎0.78 x 0.78 x 4.52 inches
  • Brand: XTryfun
  • Color: Black
  • Size: ​‎0.41 Fl Oz
  • Weight: 0.81 Ounces

The Fill Paint Pen Car Scratch Repair Touch Up Paint is an excellent choice for a smooth operation, with the strokes in one head making it more convenient and accurate to handle scratches. The paint is specially formulated with 13 original colors, so the paint color is exact.

This is an excellent scratch remover for minor scratches, but if the paint does not fall off, you can use a demarking wax to polish it. You can use this pen to polish the areas that have been repaired by touch-up paint for a better gloss. The paint surface will be shinier after you grind it some more, and the color difference between the repaired part and the original car paint will be evened out. This way, the repaired paint surface will look more natural.

User instructions include using the pen on sunny days to ensure the effect. Secondly, you should remove the oil, wax, and glaze on the paint surface before using it. If there is rust, remove them with fine sandpaper. And lastly, After use, you need to make sure to tighten the cap to prevent the paint from evaporating.

Finally, it does what it is advertised to do.


  • Easy to use & clean
  • color matches perfectly with the original color
  • durable & shiny  
  • user friendly because of smooth operation


  • Quality is not too good

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to select the best scratch remover pen for your car. I’ve included my top picks based on my research. Before buying a car scratch remover pen, just remember to check on a few things like quality, durability, color matching ability, self-leveling ability, ease of application, clearness of the coating, etc., and you’ll be fine.

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