Top 6 Best Car Seat Covers For Hot Weather

It gets sweltering inside the car in the summer when the temperature is higher than any other time. Not just adults, kids & pets also find it difficult to sit inside the vehicle in the scorching heat during the hot weather. That’s why you need to think about replacing your car seats before summer arrives. Summer-friendly car seats are a blessing for people living in places where the temperature gets high during the day.

Last year, I bought some car seat covers for my new car. But before buying them, I made a list of the best car seat covers for hot weather as I live in Texas, where it gets boiling in the summer.

 The list I made is based on my extensive research of different types of car seat covers, their prices, and reviews by the users. I focused on finding out authentic reviews and images provided by the consumers and assessed them to evaluate each seat cover’s quality, fit, look and performance.

I watched the available installation videos on the internet & compared them to find their ease or difficulty level while installing. Before making the final list, I assessed the variety of materials, colors, and amount of coverage that the seat covers provide. I’ll share that list with you here.  But first, let me elaborate on the necessity of car seat covers.

Now, why do we need car seat covers for hot weather?

Before we talk about why we need car seat covers, let’s talk about who needs them. You need new seat covers if your car is a moderately older model or you’re a new parent. Almost all the latest car models already have heat-proof seats installed, so new car seats are necessary for the older ones.

On the other hand, parents of newborn babies are advised to have weather-proof car seats for their toddlers as it gets tough for babies to sit in a hot car. According to statistics, approximately 25 babies die due to vehicular heatstroke every year. So, it is vital that you change your regular car seats to heat-proof ones before your toddler is born.

Car seat covers help keep the seats clean & the seating surface cooler in hot weather. Cloth seats get stained and look dated after years of use. Leather seats get stretched and even crack after years of use and exposure to sunlight. They also absorb smells and become less comfy over time.

Quick Summary of Our Top Picks

1. Best overall: Suninbox Universal Car Seat Covers

The outer material is linen, inside is filled with buckwheat hulls, airbag & seat belt compatible, non-slip silicone granule, easy to install

2. Best for toddlers:  Britax B-Covered Infant Car Seat Cover

Great Infant carrier, compatible with all seasons, protects from harmful UV rays, rain, wind, and insects, provides increased ventilation, sleek fit, easy to use

3. Best for fan cooling: Zone Tech Black Cooling Car Seat Cover

Premium quality, breathable mesh keeps the seats cool & comfortable, universal fit, keeps the temperature-controlled, easy to use

4. Best for natural airflow: KENNISI Natural Beaded Car Seat Cover

Extra comfortable, wooden cooling beads, great for long trips, universal fit, provides good ventilation, non-slip seat cover, easy to install, 100% natural & handmade, premium quality

5. Best for easy installation: Autotrends Four Season Car Seat Cover

Easy to install, very comfortable, non-slip technology, breathable material & absorbent fabric, universal fit

6. Best for all seasons: Hikeaglauto Car Seat Cover

Compatible with all seasons, easy to install, universal fit, comes with a storage pocket, anti-slip

Top 6 Best Car Seat Covers For Hot Weather

With summertime comes hot weather, which can make sitting comfortable an impossible feat. However, The best car seat covers for hot weather are fabric seat covers that help keep your car cool while protecting your seat from getting too hot. Lets check our top pick for your best comfort.

1. Suninbox Universal Car Seat Covers

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions:20.5 x 18.5 x 1.75 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 Pounds
  • Material: Buckwheat Husk
  • Color: Beige, Black & Gray
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car

Suninbox uses the best buckwheat husks to fill their car seat covers. It is solid, eco-friendly, odorless, and non-chemical. The flexible buckwheat husks form a cellular structure inside the cushion, ventilated, permeable, humidity-proof, and anti-acarid can be used in four seasons and relieve hip pain and dryness as a result of long-time driving.

These car seat covers are made of natural linen fabrics. They are breathable & seat-absorbent. They remain warm in wintertime, cold in summertime, and can be close-fit to your body. The PH value is acid. It has no stimulation to the skin and meets conditions for environmental protection and human health. 

The seat belt buckle reserved for this cover does not affect the use of the original seat belt. Also, it does not affect the airbags & hence ensures that you have a safe and comfortable driving environment. The unique & beautiful design of the Suninbox car seat covers makes it close to the original car seat without sliding, accompanied by an easy installation. The product’s back has many non-slip silicone granules, which prevents the covers from sliding and protects the car seat from any harm.


  • High-quality linen is breathable & absorbent
  • Filled with buckwheat hulls for better airflow
  • Airbag & seat belt compatible
  • Non-slip silicone granule prevents the seats from slipping
  • Easy to install & non-slip


– Not compatible with large cars, trucks, or SUVs

2. Britax B-Covered  Infant Car Seat Cover

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions:16 x 25 x 17 inches 
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces
  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: Black
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car

The Britax B-Covered Infant Car Seat Covers can be used both as a car seat cover & an infant carrier. It protects your child from harmful sun rays, rain, wind, and insects. Whenever you’re facing rain & wind, fold back the solar panel, and a clear shield will keep your baby dry & comfortable. You can fold back the shield & a large mesh window is exposed for enhanced ventilation. It keeps your baby safe from insects. The cover is custom-made for a sleek fit. It is easy to install, and you can access and rotate the seat by the handle. The cover can be installed in seconds using the existing car seat canopy.

It is easy to use with durable material and has mesh vents on the side that are covered. The view hole in the front is excellent because you can still see your baby, and they will not get wet in the rain. It is better than the clear vinyl plastic because it is much more flexible, almost like waterproof jacket material, making it easier to use.

I like this compared to other covers for various reasons. You can leave it on while driving, and the baby still has plenty of air, unlike other surfaces made of plain plastic, and you have to take them off before driving. You can put up the hooded part of the cover and have it open. It’s easy to take the baby in and out and still have the cover on. You can just undo one side of the loop, flip the cover over the handle, and then you have access to your child without having to take the cover all the way off.


  • Works great as an Infant carrier
  • Compatible with all the seasons
  • Protects your kid from harmful UV rays, rain, wind, and insects
  • Provides increased ventilation
  • Sleek fit looks great
  • Waterproof & easy to use


– It is difficult to take the hood off sometimes

3. Zone Tech Cooling Car Seat Covers

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions:19 x 22 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Material: Microfiber, Vinyl, Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Vehicle Service Type: Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs

This car seat cover is for people who live in places like Texas, where it’s sweltering and sweaty in the summertime & your butt feels sticky while sitting on the car seat. The Zone Tech cooling seat cover protects you from the intense summer and heat and keeps your car nice & cool. You can change scorching hot summer car drives to a comfortable, cool ride with this seat cover. This cover provides both cooling and comfort. This cover can circulate air through Microfiber & mesh materials.

The cover is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability & safety. This seat cover has a temperature control system. Just turn the temperature dial from high to Medium to low according to your personal preference. The free air flow absorbs your body heat. It reduces sweating, providing you with a more comfortable ride during hot weather. These car seat covers make a thoughtful gift for work commuters, travelers, or other car owners. The Zone Tech cooling seat covers are easy to use. As you can plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter adapter, the fan starts to circulate the cool air to the back of your body. These are a universal fit in vehicles. It attaches beautifully with straps in your car, truck, SUV, or even RVs. They are versatile, and you can use them anywhere, not just in your car. You just need to connect it with the AC adapter while using it at home or in your office.


  • Premium quality, non-sticky, non-slip covers
  • Breathable mesh keeps the seats cool & comfortable
  • Specially recommended for people who sweat a lot
  • Universal fit & versatile usability
  • Keeps the temperature-controlled
  • Easy to use & clean


-The fan is a little noisy

4. KENNISI Natural Beaded Car Seat Cover

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions:19 x 18 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 4.54 Pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car

These seat covers are very comfortable to sit in. They are well made & provide extra comfort while driving. They are great for long trips. These wooden beaded covers fit almost all types of seats, cars, SUVs, taxis, etc, so you can say that they are a universal fit for all vehicles.

The wooden beads sewed on leather create a mesh that provides a robust and well-designed seat cover. It’s good at keeping airflow between your body and the seat & thus offers good ventilation. The beads are intertwined both vertically and horizontally. This allows you to glide in and out of your seat, or adjust your posture &  drive with comfort & ease. This seat cover doesn’t slip while exiting the vehicle. They are easy to install and perfect as a gift.

The beads are bright & odorless. They do not stain or discolor your white shirt after driving all day because they are all-natural & handmade.


  • Extra comfortable & great for long trips
  • Wooden cooling beads make them look charming
  • Universal Fit, so it provides good ventilation
  • Non-slip seat covers, so you won’t slip off even if you’re casual about it
  • Easy to install, so you won’t even break a sweat
  • 100% natural & handmade


– The beads are not very durable

5. Autotrends Four Season Car Seat Cushion

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions:46.5 x 21.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.19 Pounds
  • Material: Microfiber, Leather
  • Color: Beige, Black
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car

The microfiber material is extra-breathable & ultra-absorbent, which protects your car seat from sweat and dirt after workouts. It protects your body from scorching hot seats in the summer & freezing cold seats in the winter. It makes sure that you have a comfortable driving experience in any weather. This seat cover has a universal fit design. It can be easily attached to your seat with the adjustable buckle clip, which helps it stay in place. The silicon friction beads also prevent sliding when driving & works as a no-slip technology. The cover is easy to install & It will not break, stain or stick to your seat like other car seat covers.

This seat cover absorbs your sweat while keeping you cool. It is odorless & doesn’t heat up from the sun. It doesn’t peel, crack or leave residue on your expensive leather seats. This seat cover can be washed by machine. It is the perfect car seat protector for you if you’re a sporting and fitness enthusiast who likes to engage in the gym, yoga, surfing, etc. You can fold or quick-stuff the cover into the attached mesh bag to store it easily under your car seat.


  • Microfiber material is extra-breathable & ultra-absorbent
  • Material is very comfortable to sit in
  • Universal fit design is easy to install
  • Adjustable buckle chip & silicone friction beads work as non-slip technology
  • Odorless doesn’t heat up from the sun
  • Universal fit & versatile usability


– This seat cover works more as a cushion than a cover

6. Hikeaglauto Car Seat Cushion Cover

Quick Facts:

  • Dimensions:36.58 x 24.38 x 3.56 cm
  • Weight: 480 Grams
  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: Gray
  • Vehicle Service Type: Car

This stylish-looking seat cover protects you from burns in the hot weather and prevents stickiness due to sweating when wearing shorts. It protects your legs and butt from the summer heat and winter cold. The breathable back of the car seat keeps your shoulders and back cool in summer. This seat cover protects your seat from dirt, stains, sunburn &  daily tear, and wear. It also protects your seat from jeans fading and pet scratches etc. This must-have car seat cover fits 99% of cars in the market. The outer natural linen fabrics help to breathe freely and absorb sweat. It’s moisture-free and skin-friendly for long driving.

It is easy to clean when stains occur. You need to simply pick it up and slap away the debris. The non-slip silicone dot on the bottom firmly grips the seat and makes it stay in place. These seat covers are easy to install as you can set them up within a min. For installation, you need two chucks and a hook. It’s perfect for beginners. It comes with a convenient storage pocket that is handy and compact so that you can easily access your mobile phone and wallet etc. The silica dots on the bottom layer of the seat covers are anti-slip & keep the cover stay in place. The front mesh is also anti-slip & provides comfort.


  • Prevents stickiness & sweating
  • Easy to clean
  • Protects from sunburn, daily tear & wear
  • Non-slip silicone dot keeps the covers from sliding
  • Compatible with all seasons
  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit & easy to clean
  • Comes with a storage pocket
  • Reasonable price


– It is sold in single pieces instead of pairs.

FAQ About Best Car Seat Covers For Hot Weather

1. What is a car seat cover?

Ans. Car seat covers are accessories that protect your original seats from stains and add a customized look to your car’s interior. They help to maintain the vehicle’s resale value and maximize the comfort of the driver and passengers.

2. What should I look for while buying a car seat cover?

Ans. While buying a car seat cover, ensure that the seats are universal-fit, or you can buy the ones specifically made according to your vehicle’s model. Ensure that they don’t block the seat adjustment controls and allow split-folding rear seats to slide or fold forward. Make sure that the seat covers are airbag compatible &  easy to access and that the toddler’s seats can easily be reached whenever you need to.

3. How do I install my car seat cover?

Ans. You can easily install your car seat covers following these simple steps:                                                           

1. Remove the headrests.

Skip this step If your vehicle has no headrests. If you have headrests. But if your car seat covers include headrest covers, remove those.

2. Slide the cover off the back of the seat

Car seat covers are usually universally fitted, but you should ensure they fit well with your car seats. You’ll find two loops on the back of your seat cover, which you then need to slide between the back and the seat itself. You can use a coat hanger to pull the loops from the front of the cover underneath the seat.

3. Secure the loops and hooks

Connect the elastic loops with the included S-shaped hooks to hold your seat cover on. If the cover is too loose, adjust the length of the elastic straps by tying them off.

4. Mark and cut headrest holes

Place your hands on the cover and feel through them to find the holes that hold your headrest & then mark each hole with a marker and make a quarter-inch cut. Align the cut accordingly. This will help prevent the hole from widening more as passengers sit down or get up.

5. Replace your headrests

Lastly, glide the headrests through the holes you’ve cut in the covers and press them firmly into place.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to select the best car seat covers for hot weather for your car. I’ve included my top picks based on my research. Before buying a car seat cover, just remember to check on a few things like fittings, comfort, easy access, airbag & seat belt compatibility, etc., anti-slip capability, heat absorbance, etc., and you’ll be fine.

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