Bilstein vs. Eibach Shocks: The Competition of German Shocks

Bilstein being of the top-graded company in the shock marker still has to compete with the other brands because no one stays at the top forever! This is when Eibach comes in!

When both of these companies are from Germany, the sweet dilemma among the customers isn’t uncommon. And so, today, we will take you on a tour discussing the Bilstein vs. Eibach shocks to ease your confusion!

Bilstein vs. Eibach Shocks: The Competition of German Shocks


Eibach, being a famous name in the development and production of suspension and chassis systems for vehicles or the automotive sector manufactures amazing shocks. But are they any competition to Bilstein?


The shocks by Bilstein and Eibach have the facility of affording your vehicle a lifted look. No matter whether you are dealing with a car or a jeep, both of them are great for doing so! Even on the long roads, the Eibach will comfort you.

The ride will be comfortable no doubt. The best part of the Eibach shocks is you get the adjustable lift height facility. So, you can now decide on your height preference! These shocks are great for almost all the roads.

Yes, you can take them to the regular roads as the standard shocks. Besides, you are also free to take them on the off-roads. Off-roaders have all the good experiences with Eibach shocks because they turned out to be great!

No matter the road, the ride will be comfortable. All you need is to pick the right fit and right shock for the specific type of road!

Construction Quality

When it comes to the construction of these two shocks, one of the very first things of concern is the construction. If the construction quality isn’t high, there’s no point comparing these two products. Bilstein has a good name in the industry. However, we can’t ignore Eibach too. This one is an old company. Along with the name, they have good fame in the industry. Yes, they are relatively new to the shocks marker. But you can’t connect it to their quality.

The construction of Eibach shocks is celebrated because they use a liquid steel finish for the shocks. This one is not only for sports cars. Instead, they use this for both the sports car and the passenger cars. Along with this, they are well-planned to keep their shocks away from rust and corrosion.

And for this, the brand uses zinc coating. The only negative factor in their construction is the weight. Yes, they weigh higher than the other shocks. But in this case, you must know that the weight is increased so that they can carry the load. With these shocks you get Dyno-test, big piston, and sturdy valving- the weight seems low if you get all of these benefits!


Compared to the other shocks available in the market, the price of both of these shocks will be higher. This isn’t a surprise because we can easily decide on the quality of the construction along with the ride quality. Eibach is a high-range company.

The price isn’t always higher than Bilstein; instead, the price of these two is close. The amount you need to pay depends on the model you are buying.


Bilstein- the name is enough, they say! Yes, the name is enough for automobile fans. But Eibach gives a good competition to Bilstein, no doubt! Check out Bilstein vs. Eibach Shocks!


As Bilstein is in the market for a longer period, it knows the requirements of the users. As a result, the company is better at manufacturing better and more compatible shocks for the drivers. No matter what vehicle you use, you probably will get the right fit in the list of Bilstein shocks. Yes, they have several models for your needs. They carry features for both the regular vehicles and the sports cars. You can enjoy the regular road bumps and reduce the impact on your car to enjoy a comfortable ride.

But the best deal Bilstein gives you is the off-road shocks. The shocks for off-roads are just the right bet for any off-roaders. You can never go wrong with this brand. No matter how tough the terrain is and how many hurdles you have to pass- you will pass it and will pass it with pride! According to our research, Bilstein brings better off-road shocks that the ones for the regular roads.

Construction Quality

We all know that Bilstein is famed in the shock industry because they know their game. However, you cannot simply ignore Eibach. As we have mentioned above, their construction has specific things that make them better than the others in the competition.

But well, Bilstein has gained popularity for a reason! They have Monotube shocks. The complaints regarding wear and tear are fewer here. Just like Eibach, this high-grade brand also uses zinc coating so that they can keep their shocks away from corrosion and rust.

Besides, the digressive valving is a plus with the shocks of this company. You also get neoprene rubber bushing here. The sealing on top of the tube of the shocks won’t wear and so, you stay safer and more stable on the roads! You can easily say that Bilstein is known for all the good reasons!


We have already mentioned that the price of Bilstein and Eibach shocks is close. So, you can get the one that you prefer depending on the other features. Getting the right fit for your vehicle is necessary. Once you get the right fit with the better features, don’t think about the price.

Some of the Bilstein models are high in price while some of the Eibach are higher in some situations. It depends on the models. But if you want to get an inexpensive shock that serves you close to Bilstein, you can check out Monroe vs. Bilstein Shocks– after all, what Monroe is specialized at!

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Wrap Up

We are wrapping our discussion in a hope that you will find the right fit of shocks for your vehicle. As for now, both of these shocks are doing incredible. And the user reviews for both of them are on the positive side. While their price is close, you must decide on the terrains, ride quality, construction quality, and the durability of the products. 

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