Chevy 2500hd Leveling Kit Problems

Installing the Chevy 2500hd leveling kit isn’t easy. And for the inaccurate installation, you may face consequences! Along with this, the leveling kit itself comes with some cons too! Let’s check out the Chevy 2500hd leveling kit problems before you install it!

1.  Front Wheels Alignment

Yes, you might think that the tires are large and so, you don’t need to align the tires. But you are wrong! Whenever you are installing a leveling kit to your Chevy 2500hd, you will require wheel alignment. All you need to do is measure the height and then adjust accordingly.

If you don’t make it right, chances are, you will see the tires getting worn out fast! Why would you want the tires to wear out? This front wheel’s alignment is a very common problem. To solve this, check out Chevy 2500hd leveling kit installation methods so that you can install it accurately!

2.  The Shocks

Another very common problem among the truck leveling kit problems is the shocks! If you are planning to get a new leveling kit, get new shocks along with it too! When you buy the Chevy Silverado 2500hd, you will get the factory shocks added.

But if you are adding a leveling kit, the old factory shocks won’t work! These don’t work with the modified kits you will use! And if you keep trying to use them, the roads will not be smooth anymore! The suspension of the truck will be damaged.

Yes, you can eventually lift and haul the cargo you have to get inside, but the journey won’t be nice at all! If you don’t change the shocks, you cannot solve the problems! Get a pair of new shocks and you are ready!

3.  Chevy’s Caster Angle

If you are working with the vehicle for a long time, you already know about the caster angle. But if you are new, you have to research the caster angle of your truck.

This is a little complicated stage. The caster angle is the caster of the wheels of your truck. If you have modified the truck by adding a new leveling kit, it’s recommended that you talk about the caster angle to an expert. Take a look from the side of the tires-yes, the side view.

After installing a new leveling kit, sometimes, you might see some caster angle issues if the installation is not perfect!

4.  Tie Rods

Whenever it comes to installing a new leveling kit, the Chevy truck owners rely on oversized tires. This seems necessary for off-roading. But did they forget about the tie rods? Well, you should not! No matter you are a pro or not, you have to deal with the tie rods of your Chevy if you plan to get a leveling kit.

We have told you before, you cannot expect the factory-installed parts to work right anymore. As there is a modification already, you have to get some specific parts added to the truck!

When you add a new leveling kit and plan to change the angle of the Chevy, sometimes, the tie rods can face the consequences. Most probably, these will break. If they don’t break, they will bend for sure!

5.  Gas Mileage

Yes, you can’t forget the gas mileage issue when you are dealing with the Chevy 2500hd leveling kit problems! After you have installed a new leveling kit if you see a sudden reduction in the gas mileage-you know where the problem lies!

This is not only for the Chevy Silverado, this is the same for almost all the leveling kits available in the market! If you want to settle for a truck that requires speed and better mileage, keep it close to the ground!

When it will go higher, it is commonly expected that it will require more power and mileage! So, in case of increasing the height, the fuel consumption will be higher!

FAQs on Chevy 2500hd Silverado Leveling Kit Problems

Does leveling kit affect the ride quality?

When you have the perfect installation done for the leveling kit for Chevy, don’t worry about the ride quality at all! Along with this, as you are lifting the truck a little higher, why would you get bad ride quality! Instead, you will ride better! But, then again, it depends on the quality of the leveling kit too!

Do 2-inch leveling kits require shocks?

If you are confused about new shocks, talk to a professional. Not every leveling kit will need new shocks. But if you are settling for the 2500hd Chevy, you have to change the older shocks and get new ones!

Do leveling kits affect mpg?

As we told yoyu already, if you are lifting the truck a little higher, you will need some extra power. In this case, the wind resistance is a fact. But the changes are slight- this isn’t something to bother at all!

Wrap Up

Now you know all about the problems of Chevy 2500hd leveling kit installation! All you need right now is to learn the proper installation method and make sure you do it right!

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