Graco Car Seat Cover Replacement Instruction

Graco car seats are not only comfortable but also secured and safe when it comes to traveling. However, whenever you plan to remove the old and dirty car seat cover, you get confused. Why? It’s because it’s tough to deal with the parts alone! However, we have some Graco car seat cover replacement instructions for you listed here!

Graco Car Seat Cover Replacing

Replacing car seat covers is never fun. And when it comes to Graco, it gets tougher because there are so many safety procedures maintained to keep the seat cover and seat protected. So here, we will tell you how you can do it without any help!

Graco Car Seat Cover Replacing

Step 1: Add the cover to the Headrest

To install the car seat cover replacement, you have to get your hands on the headrest first. Yes, the first job is to cover the headrest; you have to start with it. Hold the car seat cover and put it over your car seat’s headrest.

Step 2: Deal with the Elastic Straps

Once you have put it on the headrest, you have to get your hands on the elastic straps. Well, when it comes to the elastic straps, you must work carefully. These are the straps that will hold your car seat in its position. So, it’s necessary to certify that the elastic straps are locked properly.

As you are dealing with the Graco car seat covers, the best part is these covers come with double protection. So, you will get elastic straps on the sides of the headrest and also at the back of the headrest. These provide the best security you can ever achieve.

In this step, you have to go for the ones on the sides first. Get a hold of those straps, adjust and lock them properly. After the side elastic straps are done, you have to move to the rear elastic straps. Hold the cover and the rear elastic straps. All you need is to replace and attach these carefully.

Step 3: Cover the Seat Pad

You are done with the first part of the car seat cover replacement. The straps are carefully placed and locked. It’s time to have a look at the seat pad. Once the cover is secured with the straps, go for the seat pad. Take the cover through the seat pad around the car seat. Ensure that it is secured.

Step 4: Replace the Crotch Buckle and Buckle Tongue

Now, you need to work with the harness straps. Get the harness straps through the seat pad just as it was before you took it off. Once the harness straps are placed in the right position, go for the crotch buckle.

Replace it through the seat pad carefully. Once you are done with the crotch buckle, you have to get your hands on the buckle tongue. On the harness strap, you have to replace the buckle tongue carefully.

Step 5: Cover the Cup Holders

Dealing with the buckle is easy. After the buckle is dealt with, you can simply hold the chest clip and replace it. Now, you are almost done with the job. Here, you need to go to the rear of the car seat again. There, you need to replace the seat cover.

This time, you have to work around the shell of your car seat. At times, you miss ensuring that it is fitting around the cup holders. However, in this case, you can’t do it! It’s necessary to get the seat cover properly fitted around the cup holders.

Step 6: Adjust the Straps

So, the cover is ready! All you need now is to check the elastic straps once again. Hold them and replace them on the side of your car seat. Once the side elastic straps are dealt with, you have to move to the back part of the car seat once again.

There, you will see two elastic straps added. You have to replace them at the back part of the seat pad. After you are done, you can simply hold the front adjuster strap and feed it through the opening. And there you go! You are done with the Graco car seat cover replacement!

Tips on Car Seat Cover Replacing

  • Go firm with your hands but don’t be too rough with the buckles
  • Adjust the straps carefully, they might break if you press them hard
  • Ensure the fitment of the cup holders
  • Carefully move to cover, it will be torn otherwise
  • Check and double-check after every step to certify the right fitment

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Wrap Up

The straps and buckle can confuse you a lot when it comes to installing the car seat cover. However, the step-by-step process mentioned above will help you replace the car seat cover properly. Also, you don’t need a hand to do this job!

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