How to Install 2 Inch Leveling Kit Silverado

Getting a leveling kit will take your Silverado a little higher! Who doesn’t want to fly a little! But do you know how to install a 2-inch leveling kit Silverado properly? If you don’t, no worries! What are we here for! Let’s learn how to do it, my friends!

Step 1

First of all, you have to gather all the gears you need for this installation. You will need several wrenches here. The 10mm, 18mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, and 21mm wrenches are required. The 7/32 Allen wrench, 21mm, deep well socket, 15mm socket, and a hammer are also needed. Get a flat screwdriver with all of these.

Step 2

After gathering them, you have to get the jack stands and jack up the front part of your vehicle. Supporting it with the stands, lift off the front wheels. Then, take off the front tires or wheels. For this, use the 21mm deep well socket.

When it comes to electric power steering, get the 15mm socket and take off the bolts that are holding the factory skid plate. Check the electric power steering and get rid of the three different connectors.

Step 3

Use the 18mm wrench for loosening the upper strut bolts. You don’t need to take off the nuts here. Go through the knuckle and position the jack stand here. Take off the upper ball joint nut with the 18mm wrench and hit the knuckle with the hammer. It will remove the ball joint from the knuckle. Take off the steering linage nut with the 21mm wrench. Again, hit the knuckle’s front with the hammer to take off the knuckle from the steering linkage. Push the linkage forward and retain factory hardware.

Step 4

Now, get the 15mm wrench and take off the sway bar nut along with the bushing. With the same wrench, go through the bottom strut mount and take off the bolts. Check the bottom part of the strut.

Get the flat screwdriver and take off the bolt clips from this place. Get the strut spacer and place it under the strut mount at the bottom and the aligned holes.

Step 5

It’s time to install the new 10mm bolts, nuts, and washer from the leveling kit you just bought! For the factory aluminum control arm, the longer 90mm long bolts are perfect. The 80mm bolts will go with the factory steel control arms.  Check the head going down. Install the bolts with it and tighten them with a 17mm wrench. For the nut, use a 16mm wrench and for the upper strut nuts, go for the 18mm wrench.

Step 6

Go through the lower control arm and raise it. Get your hands on the upper ball joint and add it to the spindle. You will need the 18mm wrench here. Once again, you have to install the steering linkage nut. Use the 21mm wrench for this.

Once you are done, you have to repeat steps 3 to 5 on the other side of the Silverado. Get your hands on the 15mm wrench once again and reinstall the sway bar bushings and the nut. For this, you will need factory hardware. Get the three connectors back to the electric power steering. It’s time to install the factory skid plate again.

Step 7

Now, get the 21mm deep well socket and install the tires or wheels. Jack up your Silverado now and take off the stands. Take the vehicle to the ground and torque all the bolts to the factory specifications of your vehicle. You are done installing the 2-inch leveling kit!

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FAQs on installing 2-inch Silverado Leveling Kit

Is a 2-inch leveling kit bad for your Silverado?

Whenever you go for a leveling kit, make sure you are going for the perfect installation. Along with this, for the 2-inch kits, do not carry too heavy a hitch or load in the bed of the Silverado. Otherwise, there will be a sag in the back! You don’t want that, do you? To ensure backup while towing or hauling, get some rake at the rear! Airbags can help you too!

How much does it cost to install a 2-inch leveling kit?

Yes, you can always plan to install the 2-inch leveling kit the way we have mentioned here! You will get the leveling kit in the market for $50 to $100! However, if you want to settle for the advanced ones with top-notch brand value, you have to go for the $125 to $1000 ones. In case you want an expert to install it, you have to pay more or less $300 for the labor.

Is a 2-inch leveling kit noticeable?

The work of the leveling kit is to raise your vehicle’s front part. But if you are going for the 2-inch one, you won’t get too much of it. Also, it doesn’t ensure enough ground clearance. But yes, lifting will transform the look for sure!

Wrap Up

The installation process of leveling kit for Silverado isn’t easy! It takes a lot to install such a complicated kit to the truck and modify it! But if you are careful enough, you can do it. It will take time, all you need is patience!

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