How To Install Car Seat Covers with Hooks

Slipping on a new car seat cover isn’t as easy as wearing a t-shirt, we agree! But then again, what are we for? We are here to make your job easy! Today, our topic is to discuss how to install car seat covers with hooks in no time!

Step by Step Installing New Car Seat Covers with Hooks

Let’s jump right into checking out how you can add new car seat covers to the car and feel that you are in a new car!

How To Install Car Seat Covers with Hooks

Step 1: Take off the Headrest 

The first job for installing car seat covers with hooks added is to take off the headrest. At times, your vehicle might not have a headrest. In that case, it’s easier for you because you don’t need to complete this step!

However, if your car has a headrest, you have to remove it first. For the headrest, you will need holes too. Shortly, we will talk about it in the following steps. But here, all you need is to do is get your hands on the headrest and take them off. Some car headrests also include covers. You can slip those on too.

Step 2: Add the Seat Cover

Here, you have to slip the cover you desire over the seatback. Well, most of the car seat covers these days are designed universally. So, almost all the car seat covers you get in the market will fit your car seat. But there are still works to be done!

The car seat cover you are using must be a snug fit for the car seat. If you do not work on this part, the covers will be loosely attached, and eventually, there will be wrinkles on the car seat.

You don’t like it, will you? Check the back of the seat cover first. There, you have to search for two different loops. You can slip between the seat back along with the seat with the help of these two loops.

For this job, you need to pull the loops from the front part of your car seat cover. A coat hanger can be useful for the pulling job! Take the loops and take them from the front part of your vehicle seat cover underneath the seat now.

Step 3: Secure the Hooks

Once you are done with the previous step, it’s time to secure the loops so that the car cover doesn’t drop or fall. Check the elastic loops. You need to add the loops with the S-hooks. This will hold the seat cover with a snug fit.

For each loop, there is one S-hook added. However, you might see that the car seat cover is too loose. In that case, it’s necessary to adjust the length of the car seat cover. The elastic straps are going to help you here. Adjust the elastic strap’s length. You need to simply tie them off and that’s all!

Step 4: Cut Holes for the Headrest

This is the part we were talking about in the first step. In this step, you have to mark the headrest and cut holes there. Get your hands on the car seat cover and feel through the holes that will hold the headrest. Once you find them, you have to go through this specific location and mark two places. These will hold the headrest. For this, you will need a marker. After you are done with marking, all you need is to cut it. Get a scissor and make a cut where you just market.

There will be two marks; you have to cut for both. The cut will not be larger than a quarter-inch. Make sure that the cut is parallel with the sides of your vehicle. If you follow this method of aligning, the holes will not widen when there will be a passenger on the seat. Otherwise, when a passenger will sit, his weight will weigh down the cover and will widen the holes.

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Step 5: Attach the Headrest

Here is the last step for the job. All you need now is to replace the headrest that you have removed in the first step. If your car doesn’t have a headrest, you are done with your job already. But if it has a headrest, you have to place it in the right place.

Get your hands on the headrests of your car seat and slip that through the holes that you just created in the covers. After you have slipped it in, your job is to press them so that they get added to the car seat. Once they are firm, you are ready for a drive with your new car seat covers!

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Wrap Up

The steps are not very easy but yes, you can work with it if you get used to it! All you need is to learn how to attach the hooks and then, make the holes. It will not take more than half an hour to get your car a new look with the seat covers!

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