How To Install Cosco Car Seat Front Facing

For any convertible car seat installation, the method doesn’t work at a go. While installing the rear-facing convertible seats is easy, parents go through a tough deal when it comes to installing a forward-facing car seat. If you just have bought a new Cosco car seat, we can aid you here! Here, we will discuss how to install Cosco car seat front facing to keep your baby safe throughout the journey!

Steps To Install Cosco Car Seat Front Facing

Yes, you might be planning to keep your baby at the rear but what to do when you plan to keep him beside you? Yes, rely on the Cosco car seat front-facing. And if installing it is complicated for you, don’t worry; we have a complete parent’s guide on how to install it!

Keep your kid safe and right beside you!

how  To Install Cosco Car Seat Front Facing

Step 1: Threading the Latch Connectors

For installing the Cosco car searing forward-facing, you have to go through the Latch connectors first. Get your hands on them and thread them through the forward-facing belt path. Once you are done, you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Keep the Car Seat against the Car

After you are ready with threading the latch connectors through the front-facing belt path, you have to check the car seat.

Whenever it comes to installing any front-facing convertible car seat, the car seat should be pressed against the seatback of your vehicle. So, the second job is to check the car seat and ensure that it is pressed against the seatback of the car.

Step 3: Add the Latch to the Anchor Points

Once you are done with the seatback, you have to get your hands on the Latch hooks once again. These are the priorities now. Have a look at the lower anchor points now. You have to connect the latch hooks with the lower anchor points. Make sure you are careful while doing this.

Step 4: Pull the Lower Anchor

The moment you have added the lower anchor points and the latch hooks, your job is half done already. It’s time to go through the car seat now. Press down the car seat. Certify that when you are doing it, you are firm.

Right after doing it, you have to hold the lower anchor belt. It’s time to tighten it so that you can secure the whole thing. For tightening the lower anchor belt, you must pull it properly.

Step 5: Work with the Tether

So, you are done tightening the lower anchor belt now! The process is not that easy but once you get used to it, it won’t bother you anymore! This is the period when you have to get a hold of the tether.

Check the top tether first. And then, get your hands on the tether anchor. Your job now is to add these both. Connect the tether anchor to the top tether or vice versa. Both are the same anyway! And then, attach them properly.

Attaching them won’t be all for this because it’s necessary to secure them more perfectly. And this is why you have to tighten it too. After adding the top tether and the tether anchor, make sure you have tightened it.

Step 6: Test Drive

Yes, you are already there. After tightening the whole thing, it’s time for a test drive now. Hold the car seat with your hands and start wiggling the car seat. If the Cosco car seat isn’t installed properly it will fall or move a lot.

But if you see that it is in the right place without falling, you should understand that the car seat is installed securely. However, when you are a newbie in installing Cosco car seats or any other such forward-facing convertible car seats, it’s common to do mistakes.

Step 7: Redo the Job

And in that case, you will see something being wrong with the installed seat. Either it will move too much or will fall. In some situations, one of the parts won’t be tightened perfectly.

So, you have to go back and redo that specific part to ensure that the installation is safe for the drive. If you don’t find what the mistake is, remove the front-facing car seat and install it from the beginning, and this time, with care!

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Car Seat Forward Facing with Vehicle Belt Installation

Final Words

We have told you the easiest method for installing the Cosco car seat forward-facing. And the best part is, almost all the convertible car seats in the front-facing design are the same. So, the installation method will be the same too!

Follow the steps and you can install any other forward-facing car seat in this way. Don’t forget to check out the videos online for understanding the method more flawlessly. Comment below how your first trial went!

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