How To Remove a Locking Wheel Nut with Spinning Collar

To protect the wheel of your vehicle, the lock wheel nuts are very useful. But if you are planning to change the car tire, you have to take off the wheel nut to replace the tire. And if it is a spinning collar wheel nut, it might be confusing. Well, here’s a method on how to remove a locking wheel nut with spinning collar in four easy steps!

Steps to Remove Spinning Collar Locking Wheel Nut

If you know the right way to position the car, all you need is to use the wrench or tool to remove it! Have a look at the detailed steps here!

Step 1: Positioning the Vehicle

So, you are here to remove the locking wheel nut. If you see that the wheel nuts are locked, you must know that additional force is necessary for them to be removed. But before you add the additional force, what should you do?

Here, you have to start working with the movement of the vehicle. If the vehicle is moving, you cannot apply the extra force you need here. So, first, get your hands on the vehicle to certify that it’s not moving.

Along with this, you have to take care of the surface where you are parking your vehicle. Take your vehicle to a flat surface to do the job of removing locking wheel nut. Also, in this situation, it’s important that you take care of the parking brake.

Make sure the parking brake is on. And then, you can get ready for applying the additional pressure or force for removing the locking wheel nut with the help of spinning collar.

Step 2: Remove the Hubcap

Now, the vehicle is parked properly on a flat surface and get to get the pressure you need to input! It’s time for checking the hubcap. Well, before you go for removing the locking wheel nut, it’s necessary to take off the hubcap.

Before the nuts are located, go through the hubcap and remove it. After you have removed the hubcap, you can remove the nuts without much complication. At times, the vehicles come with their hubcaps attached with a metal clip.

This metal clip is held with the help of the same nut you are trying to remove! However, at times, this metal clip is also attached with plastic lugs. Make sure you go through it carefully.

Note: Some of the vehicles are different from the others. In some particular European vehicles, there are lug bolts added. In this case, you won’t see any nut there. Instead of nuts, there are lug bolts attached. You might get confused about the removal process of the lug bolts. Well, the method for both of lug bolts and nuts are the same! You can follow this method and remove lug bolts easily!

Step 3: Selecting the Tool  

For this job, you have to get your hands on the vehicle tire kit. Check the tire kit and search for a wrench tool there. Mostly, the device that you will find in the tire kit is a tire iron. Often, this one is called a T-bar or tire tools.

No matter what it is called, get a hold of the wrench tool first. And with this, you have to remove the locking wheel nit with spinning collar. However, the fitment of the wrench tool is a factor to think about. It’s necessary that the wrench tool fits the wheel of your vehicle.

If it doesn’t fit, you will need another tire tool so that you can take off the nuts. There are wrench tools available in the tire kits that have two crosses bars. Also, you will get one with a straight bar. They are called spider wrench.

When you settle for the crossed bars, it will provide you additional strength. In the case of these crossed bars, you can easily hold this one on either side with your hands. And after this, you can twist the wrench with all the strength of your arm! That’s how you can remove the nuts!

Step 4: Remove the Nuts

And we are here to remove the nuts finally! You have parked the car in a flat surface and have picked up the tool you are going to use. At times, people often jack their vehicle before they start the process. Yes, it’s necessary to keep the vehicle stable.

But you cannot jack the vehicle before you work a little with the nuts. First, you have to loosen the nuts and then you can plan on jacking the vehicle. At times, we have seen people created resistance. This resistance can be afforded by the tire.

And it works as a helping force for removing the nuts. Now, all you need is to place the tool carefully. And then go for counter-clockwise motion! After placing it on the nut, pull it hard.

It will start loosening. The bolts are loose now. Lift the car up a little and remove the nuts. Use your hands for spinning the nuts and removing them now!

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Tips for Removing the Spinning Collar Locking Wheel Nuts

At times, you don’t know what to use for starting the process. Well, here, we will recommend you using the muscles of your leg. Yes, the leg muscles are strong. And with the use of the muscles of your leg, you can easily get started with the job.

But if your plans are using your leg muscles, make sure you know the process well. In this case, you have to use your one foot. With that specific foot, you have to push down hard. When you push it hard, your weight will have an advantage.

Your body weight will do the job for you. While doing it, you should be concerned about the body along with the foot. We suggest you to brace yourself against your vehicle.

This can help you remove the locking wheel nuts that have a spinning collar. Certify that you are making the best use of your body pressure and body weight.

How to remove locking wheel nut with the spinning ring

Wrap Up

The method is complete- you can easily take off the locking wheel nut with spinning collar now! Well, it is never too late to ask for professional help too! Yes, if you are not interested to invest enough time on removing the wheel nut, a professional can do it for you. It doesn’t cost too much. As an inexpensive method, you can always go for an expert to do the job professionally.

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