How To Remove Adhesive Tape From Car

Removing adhesive sounds easy but it isn’t. Especially, when you are removing adhesive tape from your car, you will always end up having residue on the body of the car.

Do we like a car with the sticker leftover? Well, this is why you need to get your hands on the proper method of removing it. Today, we will tell you how to remove adhesive tape from car and make it disappear!

Steps To Remove Adhesive Tape from Vehicle

Here are several DIY methods for you to take off the adhesive tape from your vehicle. Also, we have talked about the commercial products- take a look!

Step 1: The Cleaning

Before you take out the sticker from your car, you have to go through the cleaning part. In this case, we recommend you to settle for a good car washing. It’s necessary to get rid of the extra dirt and debris around the sticker.

If these are not removed properly, the adhesive remover won’t work much. To make the best use of the adhesive remover, you have to clean the car. For cleaning, you won’t need a lot of ingredients. All you need is water and add soap into it.

Go for baby shampoo if you want. Get a hold of a sponge and with it, start taking off the debris and dirt. And then, you can go for a final cleaning with cold water.

Step 2: Remove the Sticker  

Now that you have cleaned the area, it’s time to get your hands on the adhesive. To remove it, you will need an adhesive remover. Not all adhesive removers work the same for your car. SO, make sure you go for the one that is best in the market.

Or else, you can always plan on making a DIY adhesive remover. In this case, we recommend baking soda. Add coconut oil and a bit of lemon essential oil there. With the soda, there will be a bit of scrubbing for removing the sticker. The oils will make the surface smooth. Go for 1/3 cup of coconut oil with ¼ cup of baking soda.

And then, add 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Give it a good mix. Use this thin paste over the sticker. Let it rest and soak for a while. After an hour, it will come loose and you can remove it. Don’t use your hands for removing it.

Instead, we recommend you settle for an old credit card. With the edge of the car, you have to slowly take off the sticker. After you are done taking it off, you need to clean that specific area. Settle for a damp cloth for the job.

Step 3: Use WD-4-0

So, the sticker is already taken off. You have cleaned the area too. But even after these steps, you will see some sticky residue left on the body. No matter how hard you scratch them, they won’t come off. For this leftover sticker, you need to get your hand son WD-40.

Use this on that area and let it soak. After a few minutes, you can scrape it off. While scrapping, do not go for razor blades as they will ruin the car’s body. Instead, rely on the plastic scraper. Now scrape off the residue and the area will be nice and clean!

Step 4: Heat it up

At times, nothing works at all, what can you do then? Well, for this part, we recommend you skip the WD-40 and sticker taking off method that we have explained before. In this step, we will tell you how to add heat for removing adhesive tape from the car.

A little heat will work, trust us! Go for a heat gun in this position. In case you don’t have it, settle for a hairdryer. This is a safe way and the heat can melt off the sticker substance easily. Whenever it comes to car decals, this method works just fine!

Get a hold of the hairdryer and take it over the tape. Go to one corner and hover over there. Keep it there for about a minute. This will soften the glue underneath the tape. And as we have described before, you can use a plastic scraper to take off the sticker now!

Peel off the tape and you are done. At times, you might need to add heat for a longer time. If that’s what it requires, don’t hesitate!

Step 5: Use Rubbing Alcohol

If you are dealing with duct tape, you surely have suffered the leftover or the residue of the tape. Well, no worries if you are relying on rubbing alcohol. These sorts of adhesives can be easily removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Go for a little rubbing alcohol and add it to the cleaning cloth. Make sure that the cloth is neat and soft. With this cloth, all you need is to rub the area to take off the tape residue. In this situation, you must go for a circular motion.

Keep scrubbing in this method till you see that the entire tape residue is gone and the area is clean. After this, you can use cold water to wash that area once again and let it dry!

Store-Bought Tape Remover

Well, we have described all the DIY methods for removing adhesive tape from the car. But if you don’t have time to make the homemade ones, you can simply go for a store-bought tape remover. These commercial tape removers are available in the stores.

All you need is to add the adhesive remover to the area where the tape is added. And then, you need to let it sit for a few minutes. After a while, scrape it with a scraper just the way we have mentioned above!

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Wrap Up

We have mentioned several methods for taking off the tape from your car. Well, you can settle for any method but not all the methods will work for you. Try removing it with the DIY method first. And if you don’t have time, pick up the store-bought removers. It’s you who can decide if you want to save your money or save your time!

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