How To Remove Graco Car Seat Cover

Removing the car seat cover is easy. But when it comes to the straps and buckles, people get confused. If you are dealing with the Graco car seat covers, it highly depends on the car seat you have. Here, we will tell you how to remove Graco car seat cover without any help!

Step by Step Removing Graco Car Seat Cover

Here’s a way to take off the dirty car seat cover by Graco and get it washed! The steps are described in detail for your convenience!

How To Remove Graco Car Seat Cover

Step 1: Remove the Harness

The first step when it comes to removing the Graco convertible car seat cover is to get your hands on the headrest. Dealing with the headrest is easy and you can do it alone. Hold the headrest and raise it.

You have to ensure that you have raised it to the tallest height it can go. Once it is set at the tallest position, you have to go for the harness covers now. Hold the harness cover and then carefully remove it. It isn’t tough to remove the harness covers.

Step 2: Unbuckle the Components

Once the headrest is held high and the harness cover is removed, your job is to deal with the chest clip. First of all, hold the chest clip and then unbuckle it. Go for the buckle now. Once again, you have to unbuckle the buckle with the chest clip carefully.

Step 3: Loosen the Harness

After you are done with the chest clip and the buckle of the car seat, get your hands on the infant insert. Though the Graco seats are strong enough even then you have to think that this is an infant car seat. As a result, the material is not capable of taking too much pressure.

So while going for the infant insert, make sure your hands are firm yet not harsh. Remove the infant insert carefully first. After this, the harness is your key. Hold the harness and try to loosen it. Loosen it fully to ensure that you can make the car seat cover removal process easy.

Step 4: Remove the Harness

In the previous process, you have loosened the harness. Make sure you have loosened the harness enough that removing it is easy for you now. The harness is added to the splitter plate. Once you have loosened the harness, it will be free to be removed. Remove it and move to the next step

Step 5: Pull the Straps

So, you have already removed the harness from the splitter plate. In this step, you have to deal with the straps. Keep in mind that you cannot mess up the straps. The straps are added to the harness slots. Pulling them too hard will break the components and you will end up with broken parts. Take a look at the straps carefully and then start pulling them. Slowly, pull out the straps from the harness slots.

Step 6: Remove the Rear Elastic Tabs

With the straps being removed, there’s not much work left for you now to get your hands on the Grave car seat cover. Now, go to the rear of the headrest. Take an intensive look at the back part. There, you will see tabs added to the headrest’s back.

Get a hold of those elastic tabs at the rear part of the headrest. These are the ones that are holding the headrest properly. You have to get your hands on them and remove the elastic tabs carefully.

Step 7: Remove the Side Elastic Tabs

So, now the elastic tabs of the headrest are removed. But here, you have to deal with other elastic tabs added to the car seat too. These tabs are designed for keeping the headrest and the seat in the right position.

Take a look at the sides of the seat. There will be some other elastic straps added. You have to get rid of these tabs too so that you can take out the car seat cover.

Step 8: Take off the Cover

Once you have removed the elastic straps that are added on the sides of the car seat, you are ready to get your hands on the car seat cover. Hold the car seat cover and carefully, remove it. You have to go all the way around the seat to take it off.

After doing this, you once again have to go back to the rear part of the seat. There will be some other elastic straps once again. These will be added to the rear part of the seat pad. Take them off now.

Step 9: Remove the Cover Fully

Here, in this step, you have to once again seat with the chest clip and the buckle tongue. Hold them and remove them. It’s time to deal with the harness strap. Go for the bottom part of the seat sad and you will see the harness straps added. Take them off. And you can easily take off the whole car seat cover now!

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Wrap Up

Different models of Graco car seats have a different methods of installation and removal. Here, we have discussed how you can remove the convertible car seat cover by Graco. Go through the process and tell us what problems you faced!

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