How To Remove Rear Shock Absorber Top Nut

The hydraulic device that makes your rides smooth is a shock absorber. But if you are facing bouncy rides or nose dives, you might feel like checking the front and rear shock absorber. And this is when you need to take off the top nut! Do you know how to remove rear shock absorber top nut with the help of a removal tool or wrench?

You can do it on your own!

Step by Step Removing Rear Shock Absorber Top Nut

Before you remove the shock absorber and inspect it, removing the top nut is your first job. We will tell you how to do it!

Step 1: Stabilize Tires

The first thing you need to do when it comes to removing the rear shock absorber top nut is to choke the tires. For this, you will need to go through the tire you are dealing with and place chokes on it.

Make sure that there is one on the front part. Along with this, the rear part of the wheel also requires one. With the help of chokes, you can easily keep your vehicle away from moving while you are working

Step 2: Lift the Vehicle

Now that you are done with making the vehicle stable, it’s time to check the height of your car. All you need to do here is to lift the car higher so that it’s easy for you to work. And to do this, you will require a car jack.

Get your hands on the part of your vehicle where the specific tire is. And from that side, you have to raise your vehicle higher with the help of a car jack. Once you are done lifting the vehicle with jacks, it’s time to make sure that the vehicle stays this way for long enough for you to get done with the work. This is when you will need the jack stand.

With the help of a jack stand, you have easily kept the car at a specific height and support the car. As your vehicle is heavy, nothing else can keep your car at this height to certify that you are working properly.

Step 3: Find the Shock Absorber and the Nut

So, you have already placed the car in a higher position. And here, you have to search for the shock absorber. As you are going to get your hands on the top nut of the rear shock absorber, first, you have to find the rear shock absorber.

At times, you might want to remove the top nut of the front shock absorber. In that case, you need to check below the hood. There, you will find the front shock absorber. But if you want to access the rear shock absorber, you have to get beneath the vehicle.

However, if your car has top mounts that will allow you the option to get your hands on the shock absorber from the internal part, that’s a piece of great news for you. Anyway, when you find the rear shock absorber, the first job is to search for the top nut. That’s what we are dealing with, right?

Step 4: The First Nut

If you are here to learn how to remove the rear shock absorber top nut, you already know enough about it. But if you are new, let us tell you that the shock absorbers have below or bottom nuts along with the top nuts.

But whenever you plan to remove the shock absorber, no matter it is the front absorber or the rear, you have to remove the top nut first. It’s necessary because, in this process, it’s easy for you to take out the shock absorber from below. If you remove the bottom one first, things can be difficult for you.

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Step 5: Remove the Top Nut

So, we have already discussed why you have to remove the top one first. Now, let’s tell you how to remove it. For this job, first, you need to get your hands on a shock absorber removal tool. In this case, a shock absorber removing tool will be just like the wrench.

The work of the wrench is to hold the mounting nut and that’s what you need right now. But the fact is you cannot complete the process with one shock absorber removal tool. For this procedure to work, you will need two of these gears.

With the help of the gear, you need to get a hold of the shock and keep it stable. Otherwise, it will move and ruin your work. First, you have to loosen the nut with the help of the removal tool. While doing this, it’s necessary to prevent the shock from rotating. In the place of a shock removal too, you can simply use a wrench.

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Wrap Up

Whenever it comes to removing the rear shock absorber nuts, go for the top one first. Removing the nut along with tightening it is the same process. In this process, you can also add another top nut and tighten it! All you need is to go in the reverse direction and that’s all!

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