How To Remove Rubber Scuff Marks From Car

We all love even and polished car paint finish. But when there are rubber marks, it will surely break your heat if you love your car. And come on, who doesn’t love their car! And this is why, today, we have come all the way to tell you how to remove rubber scuff marks from car without ruining the wax or paint! Let’s dive into it!

Step by Step Removing Rubber Scuff Marks

So, what is rubber scuff marks, and how to remove them?

These are surficial marks on the top of the clear coat of your car. No matter it comes from the car bumping against the garage or another car’s tire bumping against yours, we can solve it! The rubber scuffs marks removed in four easy steps! 

Step by Step

Step 1: Clean the Car

Whenever you are planning to remove any marks from the car paint, the specific area must be clean. At times, you can plan on adding a new wax coat. In that case, you have to get rid of the previous wax. And for this, you have to wash the entire car with the help of dishwasher soap mixed in water.

With this, you can take off all the previous wax and get your car ready for the new look. However, you might not feel like adding new wax. In such situations, you have to go for the wax-safe auto soap. This won’t remove the wax but yet will clean the car for the next steps.

Whenever you want to know how to remove scuff marks from car door, the first step should be washing your car. This way, the mark will get less visible.

Step 2: Use Adhesive Remover

In this step, you have to apply adhesive remover so that you can work on the scuff mark. No matter you are dealing with plastic or rubber or tree sap, etc. paint when it comes to removing the scuff mark, the adhesive remover is an amazing way out.

Get your hands on an adhesive remover of your choice with a sprayer head. No spray the remover on that specific area of the mark. After applying, you have to wipe it off.

While wiping, certify that you are being gentle and even. Use a microfiber cloth for the job. As you are dealing with chemicals, another important thing is to wear gloves.

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Step 3: Apply Acetone

After using the adhesive remover, the mark will almost diminish. However, if you see that there are still marks, you can go for this step. In this step, you have to settle for acetone. You can use lacquer thinner for the job too.

However, applying lacquer thinner or acetone requires a lot of caution. In some cases, it will remove the clear coat and paint too! After carefully applying this product, the mark will be gone. And then, you can simply wax the car!

Step 4: Sand the Marks

If the scuff mark on your car is gone, you are probably done. But in the case of the tough marks, things can be a bit different too. There are cases when the previously mentioned method won’t do the job properly. In such situations, you need to get your hands on sanding it.

  1. Go for a fine wet or dry sandpaper of 1500 grit. Get the sandpaper in cold water, soak it. Don’t forget to add a little bit of dishwasher soap to the cold water. While soaking, keep the sandpaper inside the water for 10 minutes. In this period, the sandpaper will be ready and all you need is to sand down the mark. Here, you won’t be sanding through the clear coat.
  2. Once you are done sanding, go for some rubbing compound. From light to deep clear coat scratches along with the scuff marks, certify that you are using a good-grade rubbing compound. While using the rubbing compound, go for swirling motion. Rub exactly over the scratch and keep your hands firm. Use a foam applicator pad for the job and avoid using the paper towel or any other towel or cloths.
  3. When you see that the rubbing compound is already dry, it’s time for you to start using a micro-fiber detail cloth on it. With this, you have to take off the remaining product. This will take off all the sanding marks and make the car paint look as if it’s new!

Note: So, now, your car paint is ready for the next drive. But if you want, you can settle for polishing after the last step. However, this is an option. Also, if you plan on waxing your car once again, go for it. Reapply wax and get the car as shining as before!

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How to remove scuff marks from your car’s paint

Wrap Up

The method mentioned above is incredible for removing rubber scuff marks from your car. However, other methods can work for you too. Go for the one that fits you the best. While picking up the products, settle for the good-quality ones. You don’t want to ruin the whole car paint, right?

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