How To Remove Scratches From White Car

You can simply cross a tree and find out superficial scratches on your white car. No matter the scratches are superficial or very much visible, you have to take temporary steps before you get the next paint. And so, today, we will tell you how to remove scratches from white cars in easy steps!

Methods to Remove Scratches from White Car

Here are some easy methods that will help you hide the scratches on your white car paint! Get your eyes on them!

How To Remove Scratches From White Car


One amazing object for cleaning scratches from cars no matter the pain is white or others are the WD-140. Well, we know what you are thinking. Yes, it is a multi-purpose lubricant and is capable of relieving squeaky hinges. But you can use it for removing the scratches from your car paint too!

  1. All you need is to get your hands on a bottle of WD-40 and start spraying it on the scratched part of your car. Make sure that you are spraying a healthy amount of product to get rid of the mark.
  • After you are done with the spraying part, you must get your hands on a towel and start wiping it. While wiping it, you have to be firm with your hands. Keep wiping it till you can see that the scratch is fading away.
  • And you are done removing the scratch. However, if you are dealing with deeper scratches, you will need a bit more WD-40. Get on with a few additional coats in the same manner. The scratches will be removed.


So, we are all here to learn how to remove hairline scratches from car! We know people often think that the toothpaste method doesn’t work but for the car paints, you can simply rely on this method. However, you can only settle for this one if you are dealing with small scratches. It will sand down the scratch and make the surface uniform. In short, it will fill the crack in.

  1. First of all, take a look at the scratches part of the car paint. Here, you first clean it properly and ensure that there is no dirt stuck there. If there is any dirt, clean it. When you pick the toothpaste, make sure you are settling for the one that is white so that it matches the white color of your car.
  • Once you have removed the dirt and cleaned the area, get the toothpaste on your hands and start rubbing the toothpaste on the surface of your car. For this rubbing part, try to use an old toothbrush. Old toothbrushes tend to be soft. Certify that you are rubbing the paste gently.
  • After you have applied the toothbrush to the car paint, you are almost done. It’s time to wipe it off. With clean cotton fabric, wipe it off. Go for the next coat if you think it’s necessary.

Nail Polish

What is a dupe of paint? Nail polish! Well, not the exact dupe but you can get your work done when it comes to hiding the scratches of your car paint. It paints over the scratch and removed the mark on the car. However, for this, you must be using nail polish that matches the white color of your car perfectly.

  1. First of all, just like before, clean the area of the scratch. If you do not clean it, the dirt will stay inside the nail polish after you have applied it. Also, you cannot apply nail polish if you have an uneven and dirty surface.
  • Once it is clean, have a Magic Eraser on the scratches area. This is only certain for the people that want to hide the scratch completely and make it look like no-scratch at all! With toothpaste or Magic Eraser, you can take off the excess paint from the area before you add the polish.
  • So, now, the area is neat and clean. Get ready with the nail paint and start applying it to the scratch. If this is the first time you are applying it, go for a light coat of this one.

Gentle Wash

We have told you the tough ways already, however, you can simply rely on washing the white car too! When you are dealing with superficial scratches or you have scraped off the clear coat a bit, you can settle for this way. This is a temporary fix.

  1. First of all, get water all over the surface of the mark on your car paint. All you need in the first step is to rinse the car properly. While using a hose, be slow and gentle.
  • Get a car washing soap for washing the scratch and then, scrub it. For washing, you can use liquid detergent too. For scrubbing, we recommend you soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Avoid using powder detergents.
  • Once again, go for a thorough wash with water and rinse it off. After doing, check the scratch. This will take away the superficial scratches.

No worries if you have a black car. you can read this guide for removing scratches from them too!

Wrap Up

So, now you know the DIY scratch removing method for your white car! Apart from the methods mentioned below, you can use store-bought solution sandpapers or shoe polishes too! Take a look at those solutions and settle for what fits you!

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