How To Remove Sticker Residue from Car Windshield

Who doesn’t love to add cool stickers on their car windshield? But what if you are bored of seeing your car that way? What if you want to remove it? Adding it was easy but taking it off isn’t effortless.

More than removing the sticker, getting rid of the residue the sticker leaves behind is tougher. But well, we are here to tell you how to remove sticker residue from car windshield in different methods!

Techniques of Removing Car Windshield Sticker Residue

You might be searching for ways to remove the sticker from car window without damage! No worries, we have a lot of methods ready for you!

Techniques of Removing Car Windshield Sticker Residue

Soapy Water Solution

A very easy and fast solution for the sticker residue for the car windshield is the soapy water solution. However, you should not use it before the sticker is taken off. The first job when it comes to taking off the sticker residue is to take off the sticker from the glass.

So, first of all, get a hold of the sticker’s edge. From the corner, you have to peel off the sticker carefully. You need to take off the sticker along with the residue as much as you can. After this, you have to get your hands on the solution.

Take warm water in a bucket and add dishwashing liquid to it. Now, give it a good mix, and then, get a hold of a rag. Get the rag inside the soapy water and let it absorb the liquid. And now, you have to remove the adhesive residue with this rag.

Hold the wet rag on the residue and the sticker leftovers will soak the moisture. Now, rub the area with the rag or you can use a scraper for this job. All you need now is to scrape off the leftover residue. Once you are done, use cold water to clean the windshield again.

Window Cleaner

We are talking about the car windshield and so, let’s not forget that it’s glass! And so, we can simply settle for a window cleaner just the way we clean out glass windows at home. Before you remove the sticker, hold the window cleaner sprayer and start spraying it on the windshield.

For a while, you have to let it soak. After 3-4 minutes, you have to check the sticker. If it is soft then, all you need is to take it off. Go for a scraper for taking it off.

To deal with the residues, you have to add a little bit of window cleaner once again. And let it soak for a while. With a towel, you can rub the glass and remove the residue.

Rubbing Alcohol

Most often, we forget about rubbing alcohol. This one works amazing when it comes to taking any residue from metal or glass. No matter what you call denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol, it will do the same job for you.

Get a hold of a bit of rubbing alcohol first. And then, take a dry paper towel. Now, you have to soak the towel in the rubbing alcohol. With the towel, you will need to dab the sticker. After a while, it will be soaked completely and will be soft.

If you see that the sticker is soft, you need a plastic scraper or credit card to remove it. Now, once again, add some rubbing alcohol to the glass to take off the residue of the sticker.

With a towel, you have to scrub the area a bit to get rid of the leftovers. And finally, don’t forget to cold water now to clean that area once again.

Baking Soda

Who doesn’t know how amazing baking soda works when it comes to removing sticker residue! The reason behind this is baking soda has tiny particles in it that work as scrubbers. Some people think that baking soda can harm their car windshield but no, it surely won’t!

It is completely non-toxic, so feel free to use it! Let’s get ready to use baking soda for removing stickers and residue. First of all, you will need a half cup of cooking oil. In the cup, add the baking soda. Give it a good mix. Now, the solution is ready.

All you need is to use the mixture on the sticker and dab it. Keep dabbing it until you see that the sticker is soaked with oil and soda. Now, all you need is to peel off the sticker. In this case, we recommend you use a credit card or any plastic card.

Use it as a scraper and peel off the sticker. Now that you are done, you will need to remove the residue. Take the mixture once again and start rubbing the area gently. Use a microfiber soft cloth for rubbing. After gently rubbing the area, clean it with water.

The oil here goes underneath the sticker and makes it lose. On the other hand, the soda works as a scrub. And this is how you can get rid of the sticker residue on the car glass without a lot of effort!

Commercial Adhesive Remover

As we are dealing with adhesive or stickers, you can always rely on adhesive removers. These are not much expensive and work like magic. For these, you don’t need to go for any DIY method.

Instead, you can save your time a lot! No matter it is a tube or a sprayer bottle, what you need is to apply the solution on the sticker first.

After letting it soak for a while, you have to scrape off the sticker. And then, soak a towel or cloth into the adhesive remover and start rubbing the glass. This will help you remove the entire residue left!

How to Remove Stickers Glue from Windshield

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Wrap Up

The methods we have mentioned above are mostly DIY methods for removing sticker residue from car windshields. But you can always have faith in the store-bought adhesive removers as they require less time to work with!

No matter what technique you select, make sure that you are cleaning the glass with water afterward. Also, drying it properly is necessary after you are done with the sticker residue removal process.

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