How to Replace Front Shocks on A Chevy Truck

How to replace front shocks on a Chevy truck might be your other interest if you own a Chevy Silverado and have already gone through our blog on installing rear shocks (how to replace rear shocks on Chevy Silverado) and tried DIY. This is another blog regarding front shocks you’re going to enjoy and find it very resourceful.

Before we start, let me tell you that installing and replacing front shocks is identical. So, if you bite this blog, you’ll also learn how to install front shocks on a Chevy truck.

Wanna Install the Front Shocks, Really?

Actually, before spending money and time after repairing or modifying, the first thing you should do is to learn if you have another option to skip it. Now, your question would be “How do I know when to replace my shocks?” Right?

Well, a great number of drivers learn by their psyche when replacement is a must. The other sign that’ll seamlessly warn you to replace the front shocks is the physical sign of the components. The strange behavior of the shocks and malfunction is a clear sign. If you see the following (even a single sign), don’t take time to replace the shocks putting you at stake.

The Signs…

  • Do you feel as if you lost control of your car, when the car is confronted with a bump on the road?
  • Do you think you can bounce more than it is supposed to?
  • Have you noticed leaked fluid on the surface of the shocks? If confused, wipe off the fluid and wait to see if it comes from the shocks.
  • Does the car remain stable while taking brakes and turning?

Replacing the shocks as soon as it should be will prevent further damage to other parts of the vehicle. Apart from that, changing the shocks at the right time is way critical for safe driving. The best way to learn when to replace shocks is consulting with a qualified technician to inspect your vehicle.

How to Replace Front Shocks on A Chevy Truck

Well, it’s good to see you realized the importance of replacing the front shocks. In order to get it done well, make a list of the stuff you need and I’m going to tell you later how to replace it.

Get A Quality Shock

You surely don’t like to replace the front shock again and again. So, you should find a quality one to make sure it lasts long. I can’t guarantee you about the performance of ordinary shocks. You can try this brand (interlink if you like to sell shocks/struts). It’s renowned and hailed by drivers.

When you go to select the brand, try to get some pieces of advice from any expert. And don’t forget to ask if you need to change other worn out components connected to the shocks. Along with purchasing the shock, make sure you have all the tools to start the DIY project. The perfect tools will offer you more convenience to get it finished.

The list of tools are

  • Jack-stand
  • Socket wrench
  • Impact wrench
  • Torque wrench

Unlock the Old Shock and Replace the Now One

You’ve the right tools at your hand along with the quality shock. Now, put the jack-stand under the front end to lift the car partially. It’ll give you easy access to separate the wheel and the old one you’re suffering from. Use a jack-stand to leave the burden of the vehicle on. Meanwhile, place the car on the solid rock.

Remove the wheel and later shock carefully, so that nothing gets damaged and injured by chance. Apply socket wrench and impact wrench by turn to remove nuts and bolts. At the end, when you’ll be required to tighten the nuts and bolts, torque wrench will come in handy.

Go for A Test Drive

When you think everything has been done perfectly, you’re supposed to end up the job. However, you’re yet to get confirmed without giving a test drive. I don’t dare driving on the highway with a freshly repaired car. Take your car on the road for a test drive. If you don’t notice any strange behavior, you’re set to go anywhere with your car.

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Summing Up

In conclusion, replacement or installing a new shock involves a similar method. So, don’t get confused with how to replace front shocks on a Chevy truck keywords at all. We’ll be back to you again if you have any query regarding automobiles, especially Chevy Silverado. Leave your query below and let us provide you with the best tips and suggestions you need.   

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