How to Replace Rear Shocks on a Truck

If you are relying on a professional for replacing rear shocks on your truck, it will cost you $. We don’t get why you like the experts do it for you when you can do it for your vehicle?

And that’s why; we have come here to tell you how to replace rear shocks on a truck at home with zero labor cost! Stay tuned!

Step by Step Rear Shocks Replacement

How to Replace Rear Shocks on a Truck

You don’t mind cooking your food, why do you mind changing the rear shocks? It’s easy! Give your truck your best!

Step 1: Block the Wheels

Well, as you are planning to replace the rear shocks on your truck, you have to get your hands on the wheels first. Blocking the wheels is necessary because otherwise, the vehicle will continuously move. And you won’t like that while working, right?

Firstly, you have to check the rear lug nuts and loosen them. Once you are done, you have to remove them. At times, the area can be rusty. You can simply get some penetrating oil and add it there. Spraying the oil will make the rusty parts easy for you to work with.

Step 2: Lift the Truck

Once you have completed removing the nuts, you have to increase the height of the truck. So, how are you planning to do it? Well, that’s where the jacks come in! All you need to do is use a truck jack for the truck and take it higher.

After lifting it, you have to position it somewhere safe. As it is heavy, settle for jack stands. These are great for keeping the truck lifted and giving you enough space for working from underneath. Now, it’s time to check the rear axle.

Place the lower shock mount there and lift the rear axle. Here, you have to place the jack stand. Go for the same process for both sides. In this way, you can easily lift both rear parts.

Step 3: Remove the Retaining Bolt

So, lifting the truck is done now. In this step, we will tell you what to do after getting underneath the truck. But before you get in, settle on safety glasses for the sake of your eyes. You don’t want to hurt them, right?

First, take off the upper shock retaining bolt. And to do this you will need a socket and a ratchet. However, in some rare cases, you will see a threaded rod on the top part of the shock mount.

To work with this, you will require a specific tool. With that tool, you can easily stop the spinning rod when it comes to loosening the top nut of the shock.

Step 4: Remove the Bottom Shock Bolt

And now, you are ready for removing the bottom shock bolt right after you are done with the top one. Get your hands on a box end wrench.

This will help you hold the bolt head. Along with this one, you will need a ratchet and a socket. With all these gears, carefully remove the bottom shock bolt. With the help of a hammer, you have to tap the bolt a bit.

After this process, the knocking will free the bolt! And there you go! Now you can easily use the wrench and turn it! It’s always necessary to not hurt the threads.

Step 5: Add New Shocks

It’s time to add new shocks to the truck. First of all, you have to check the upper shock bolts and then, you are free to work with the washers. Add the new shock to your truck in this process. First, you need to take off the shock retainer.

By this, you can allow it to expand! For lining it up with the bottom shock bolt, it will require compressing. And then you have to secure the bolt. Use nuts for the process and tighten the nuts.

Step 6: Repeat the Process

Once you are done with one side, you have to check the other side. All you need to do is to go through the same step-by-step process and finally install the new rear shocks. Then you are done!

Step 7: Go for the Test Drive

In this last step, you have to take off the tools along with the debris from underneath the truck. And this, you can tighten the hardware and the lug nuts you have added. Take the vehicle down removing the jack stand and take off the wheel block. Test the truck and you are ready with the newly added rear shocks!

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Wrap Up

If you can work with wrenches and ratchets, it will be enough for you to install rear shocks on your truck! All you need is to arrange the gears. However, if you forget to go through the safety precautions required for vehicle work, you will put yourself in severe danger.

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