How To Test Power Window Switch with Multimeter

At times, the window is stuck and you just can’t say your last goodbye to your best friend. This unpleasant experience with your power window can ruin the mood for the day.

Yes, professionals can save you but what will save your money is a multimeter! First of all, learn what the problem is. So, do you know how to text power window switch with a multimeter?

The Procedure of Testing Power Window Switch with Multimeter

Who says you have to set for a professional always?

You can simply text the power switch before you take it to a technician.

Step 1: Unscrew the Screws

Your first job when it comes to testing the power window switch with the multimeter is to go through the screw and take off the lid. The lid is full of screws. The screws are designed to stay at the lower position if you compare them with the power switch.

First, get your eyes inside. There, you will see one or more screws added to the bottom part of the lid. However, the different car has different designs. But mostly, the screws are set at the bottom.

Some cars have a part of the lid that you have to remove for getting your hands on the screws. Anyway, when you get to see the screw, you have to get a hold of a screwdriver and unscrew them. 

Step 2: Removing the Power Switch

It’s time to pry the power switch now. Get hold of an object that can help you take off the switch. However, you have to do this process carefully. If you break the switch, you won’t be getting another one, right?

After you are done with prying the switch, go for the set of wires. Press the lever that’s beside the wires first. And then, get a hold of the power switch so that you can test it. Pulling the switch requires extra caution because there’s a chance of damaging the wire added to it.

Step 3: Preparing the Multimeter

Now, it’s time to get your multimeter ready. Get the probes inside. Certify that you are getting the probes in when the caps are attached. Here, you have to get the multimeter on continuity mode.

Step 4: Getting Prepared for the Text  

In this step, you have to search for a broken mechanism. Also, there can be jams too. For testing the switch, you have to get a negative lead on the negative terminal first. And then, keep holding it there.

You have to keep it there until you are done testing. Here, you must go through each terminal so that you can find out the broken one. If you see there’s a jam, you can’t do anything else. In this case, you have to replace this one as soon as you can.

Testing it won’t bring any changes. At times, people try to repair it. But if you try, you will eventually break it. Keep in mind that power switches are usually cheap. So, you don’t need to worry about buying a new one!

Step 5: Testing the Switch

As we are ready for the test, let’s do it! To do this, get the positive probe on the terminal first. And then, you have to get your hands on the lower-window position. There, press a switch. Keep holding the switch there for a few seconds.

If you hear the continuity signal, release the switch. And then, you have to push the switch and then take it to the raise-window position. On the other hand, if you get to hear no signal, you have to understand that the switch is in a neutral position.

 You have to check all the terminals and check for the buzzing signal on your multimeter. If you hear no signal for all the terminals all ever settings, go for the second set. Naturally, you will hear the continuity signal right after you get the positive probe on the right terminal following by pressing the switch in the right position.

However, if you do not listen to any signal, take a look at the negative lead. You need to place it in the correct position. In this case, imagine that both of the functions of the switch are broken here.

Tips for Checking Power Window Switch with a Multimeter

  • Keep a set of screwdrivers beforehand to deal with different types of screws
  • Don’t pull the power switch too harshly to damage the wires added to it
  • You must use the caps for testing the power window switch with a multimeter
  • While holding the switch, precision is the foremost necessity
  • Pick up the caps that can cover the entire head of the lead

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Wrap Up

Yes, whenever you plan on testing the power window switch with the help of a multimeter, you must know how to use a multimeter first. Check out the basics of a multimeter first and then you are free to test the power switch without any help!

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