How To Wash Car Seat Covers

We know you love to drink your coffee while driving. However, spilling it on the seat covers can ruin your mood for the day. Well, well, no worries because cleaning a car seat isn’t too tough. Get it in the washing machine and you are done!

But yes, the method should be manufacturer-approved!

Here, we have a step-by-step method on how to wash car seat covers that are almost accepted by all the manufactures!

Steps To Wash Car Seat Covers

You can be gentle and still get rid of the dirt and stubborn marks from the car seat covers! Yes, we have the steps ready for you. Go for it!

Steps To Wash Car Seat Covers

Step 1: Check the Manufacturer Guideline

You can simply clean the car seat covers by placing them in the washing machine. But yes. It’s necessary to check the manual of the car seat. In some cases, the manufacturer might tell you not to clean it in a washing machine.

In either case, some specific cleaners are only suggested. As a result, you cannot use all sorts of cleaners. This highly depends on the material of the car seat. Some car seats are not designed for bleaching. Make sure you double-check the manufacturer’s guidelines before you follow any methods of washing a car seat cover.

Step 2: Spot Cleaning

Yes, you get eventually get the car seat inside the washing machine, no doubt. But before you go for it, look out for the straps and buckles. These are not designed for the washing machine. Instead, you have to spot clean these pieces.

While spot cleaning the buckles and straps of the car seats, especially recommended for the child’s car seat, you have to use a soft cloth. Go for a soft cloth and clean water. For some cars, you can simply settle for a gentle soap.

There can be dried gunk on the straps. Slowly, rub them with gentle soap and water by using a soft cloth. There can be a stubborn crusty patch added there. For these cases, you have to make it a bit extra wet. There, soak it for a while, and then you can simply try removing them once again.

Note: Some people usually use vinegar and other abrasive cleaners. Well, these are not the right solution for cleaning the car straps and buckles. Along with this, we do not recommend you use these for any part of your car seat too. Yes, harsh cleaners will do a good cleaning. But these are bad for your car in the long run. The car seat components will be fragile after a few uses of the harsh cleaners.

Step 3: Air Dry the Components

Once you are done cleaning the straps and buckles with water, you can simply rely on drying them. The best thing you can do is air dry these components. Let it lay on the sun for a while. After a few hours, they will be dry and ready for getting added to the car!

Step 4: Clean the Seat Cover

Now it’s time to clean the car seat cover. In this step, you have to clean the padding too. You can go for a machine wash as we have mentioned. Or in either case, you have to settle for hand wash.

Machine Wash

In the machine, make sure you are using a gentle cycle. The fact about machine washing is you can clean it gently. However, if you are going for tumble dry, certify that your manufacturer allows you to clean it in that manner. If you want, you can also use detergent.

However, it should be a mild detergent. If you go harsh, the components will be weak and over time, you won’t be able to use them. On the other hand, if you go for rough cycles in the washing machine, chances are, your car seat cover will be torn.

Hand Wash

This is still the best method of cleaning your car seat covers. No matter how gentle you go when it comes to a washing machine, you cannot make it as good as hand washing. For paying attention to the specific dirty areas of the car seat, you should always prefer hand washing it. However, don’t settle for a harsh brush for cleaning as it will harm the fabric.

Instead, you should go for a gentle cleanser or mild detergent. An old brush can do amazing for cleaning specific areas. Make sure you do not mess with the fabric much. Soaking it for a while will automatically bring out all the dirt and debris.

Step 5: Dry the Seat Cover

So, you are done with washing the seat cover and the padding. It’s time to dry them. You can simply hang these components to dry them. Or else, lay them flat on the ground. Make sure that the place you lay them is clean.

Sunshine is the best drying option here. In the case of using a hairdryer, we recommend you skip it. The 5-minutes hack online might be popular but it’s unhealthy. When the seat cover and the padding receive too much heat, there’s a chance that you will ruin the fabric.

Once you are dried all the components, you are ready to get them back to your car! You are done cleaning the car seat cover.

Tips for Washing Car Seat Covers

  • Don’t go for bleaches; try to avoid it even if the manufacturer recommends you to
  • Never settle for harsh cleaners, go for a mild detergent
  • Try to stick to the gentle cycle in the washing machine
  • Hand washing the car seat cover and padding is better than machine washing
  • Never use heat for drying the covers, instead, go for air drying or sun drying

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Wrap Up

Washing car seat covers isn’t that tough. Soaking it for a while takes out the dirt automatically. Being harsh on the cover will only make the fabric fragile. If there are tough messes or stubborn marks, all you need is to soak them for a little longer.

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