How To Wash Neoprene Seat Covers

For the car seats, neoprene surely gives you a classier outlook. However, you have to take care of neoprene car seats more than the regular ones. The more you keep it clean, the longer it will last. Here’s how to wash neoprene seat covers and keep them durable!

Steps To Washing Neoprene Seat Covers

As materials, neoprene will last more if you use the right solution for washing. We have created a step-by-step process so that it still looks new inside your car!

Steps To Washing Neoprene Seat Covers

Step 1: Remove the Loose Debris

Before you get your hands on a cleaner for the seat covers, you have to deal with the loose dirt. If you remove them beforehand, your job will be easier afterward. There will be debris on top of the neoprene seat cover.

For removing this dirt, you can simply go for a car seat brush. Brush off the loose dirt and get rid of them. However, the easiest thing to do here is to settle for a vacuum cleaner for the car. The car vacuum cleaners are small and can easily help you get rid of the loose debris from the inside.

Go for the ones that have a long attachment. This will help you reach the tough-to-reach points of the seat covers.

Step 2: Prepare the Solution

Once you are done with the loose dirt, you can get your hands on the solution for the neoprene seat cover. Here, we will recommend you to use a cleaner that you can make at home. Yes, you can always go for the store-bought cleaners but when you can create the solution at home, why waste bucks?

To make the solution, first of all, you have to heat water. When the water is warm, fill a bucket with this water. Go for 2 gallons of water for cleaning all the car seats. Once the water is inside the bucket, you have to add some detergent there.

One or two tablespoons of laundry detergent will be enough for the job. It’s time to mix the solution. Instead of using the hands, you can go for using a long spoon or stick.

If you don’t want to go for laundry detergent, the best substitute is shampoo. Well, here, we suggest you get neoprene shampoo that goes well with your seat cover material.

Step 3: Wipe with the Solution 

After mixing the solution, you will see a soapy-looking bucket of water. When you see it, you have to understand that the mixture is ready for the job. It’s time to get the solution to the work. Start cleaning the seat cover with the help of this mixture.

For the cleaning process, get a sponge instead of a cloth. Sponges are great when it comes to cleaning the covers thoroughly. Get the sponge into the solution first. Dip it there and then press to get rid of the extra solution.

Now, wipe off the neoprene seat cover with the sponge. The best thing you can do here is to get rid of the extra liquid. Do not keep too much liquid on the seat; it’s not good for the seat cover. Go through the stubborn marks twice to thrice to remove them

Step 4: Wipe with Clean Sponge

So, you are done with wiping the covers and removing the debris and marks. But you can’t keep the soapy water on the car seat, can you? Here, you need to wipe off the neoprene seat covers once again with the sponge but this time, with a clean sponge.

Clean the sponge or get your hands on another sponge. Dip this in clear water, not soapy water. Get rid of the extra water and them with the sponge, thoroughly wipe the seat cover.

In this way, the soapy water won’t be stuck on the covers. Repeat this process twice to ensure that there is no longer soap or solution left on the covers.

Step 5: Dry the Covers

Now, wiping the seat covers is done. However, there will be water still left on the covers. To dry them, as you cannot get them out and hand them, you have to settle for a rag. Go for a clean and dry rag here.

With that, carefully wipe off the extra water left on the seat covers. Once the water is gone, give it a break for an hour or two so that it gets air-dried getting rid of the last drop of water.

Here, you can also use a blow dryer. But we recommend you keep the heat low. It will work better if you rely on a dryer that has cool water settings.

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Wrap Up

Not every solution will work with neoprene material. So, while washing a neoprene seat cover, you have to be extra cautious. Also, you cannot take it out for washing. So, getting rid of the solution along with the additional water is a must.

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