Rear Shock Absorber Leaking (Solved)

Alright, the job of the shock absorbers is to afford you a comfortable voyage. But at times, the shock absorbers are worn out. How can you tell if they are worn out? Should you change them? What happens if you don’t replace it while the rear shocks absorber leaking happens? Let’s learn about it!

Causes of Leaking Rear Shock Absorbers

Causes of Leaking Rear Shock Absorbers

Whenever the car along with the springs and suspension suffers the road defects like potholes or bumps, the shock absorbers will be to keep the tires on the ground. But do you know what causes the leak?

1.   Lasting Period

Well, nothing is meant to last forever, neither will the rear shock absorber. The shocks of these days are manufactured for lasting for a specific period. After several years, you will see shock absorber leakage or worn-out situations.

This has nothing to do with the quality. Even if you use the best shock absorbers, they will last for about 50,000 miles. In some rare cases, they might last for 100,000 miles and not more.

Go through the owner’s manual and you will know how long the shock absorber is going to last. After that period, you should replace the shock absorbers. Otherwise, they will start leaking.

2.   Driving Lane

Shock absorbers are closely related to the lane you are picking up for driving your vehicle. They are designed for reducing the shock and keep your tires on the ground whenever there is a defect on the road.

If you drive your vehicle on a defective road so much, there is a chance that the shock absorbers will face issues. This also includes the accidents you face on the read. Whenever you encounter an accident and the suspension is related or damaged, you have to check the rear shock absorbers.

 In case of major accidents, you have to check out the leaking too. You might think that we are only talking about severe accidents but we are not.

For sudden hitting the large rocks or curbs along with passing the deep potholes, the rear shock absorber can get damaged. If a rock is kicked up against your rear shock absorber, you might see leakage.

Signs of Rear Shock Absorbers Leaking

Let’s check out how you can know that the rear shock absorbers are leaking! Have a look!

Bouncy Rides

The first thing you will feel when the rear shocks are leaking is an uncomfortable voyage. As the shock absorber is leaking, it won’t be able to keep the tires on the ground as much as it did before. As a result, the tires won’t be on the ground and instead, they will bounce. So, you will encounter bouncy rides now and then!

Nose Dive

If you are using the brake while driving the vehicle and you see that the front part of the vehicle is pointing toward the ground or it is dipping forward, you must understand that it is a nosedive. And mostly, this happens for shock absorber leaking.

Tire Wear

Tire wears can happen for a lot of reasons. But if you are having a bouncy ride and there is too much tire wear in a short period, the reason behind this is the rear shock absorber leakage.

Steering Wheel Vibration

For the front shock, you might see the steering wheel vibrations. But as we are only talking about the rear one, we are keeping that aside. But if you face this symptom, your rear shock absorber is just fine, check the front one for leakage.  

Note: You have already learned the signs of a faulty and leaking rear shock absorber. But it doesn’t mean that the signs will only be visible when the rear shock absorber is leaking.

These are the signs that you can see when there is a poor alignment. Other mechanical difficulties can cause this too. In that case, first, go to a professional for a proper checkup and learn if there is an issue with the rear shock absorbers.

What Happens if I Don’t Replace Leaking Rear Shock Absorber?

That’s not an option for you, trust us! If you don’t replace these faulty gears the journeys will be uncomfortable and you will face bouncy roads.

Along with this, braking will be tough and risky. Too bad to tell you that you won’t be able to control your vehicle properly because there will be too much wheel bounce to accept.

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Wrap Up

The only way to solve the problem with the rear shock absorbers is to replace them. If you are planning to repair the old worn-out leaking shock absorbers, my friend, you just can’t! These are not designed for repair. To ensure the safety of your car, you should always replace the rear shock absorber when you see them leaking.

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