Truck Leveling Kit Installation-Step By Step Guide

With a truck leveling kit, you can easily lift the truck from 1-3 inches and make a great difference! So, you get ground clearance! And now, you don’t have to worry about adding new and larger tries at all!

But if the installation is not perfect, from the reduction in the gas mileage to the worn-out suspensions-you have to face a lot! This is why you must know the right method of truck leveling kit installation! Stay tuned!

Step by Step Installing Truck Leveling Kit

Check out the measured and easy steps on installing the truck leveling kit. Don’t forget to read the instruction manual of the kit carefully!

Step 1: Take off the Tires

For installing the truck leveling kit installation, you have to block off the rear tires first. The vehicle should be parked carefully and the emergency brake should be on. Here, you will need a hydraulic jack.

With the jack stands, you have to lift the front wheels of your vehicle first. The support jacking points depend on the vehicle you are using. Once you are done, take off the tires first and then, go through the instructions added to the kit.

Check the six studs and get them into the strut extenders. You are going to place them on top of the factory strut.

Step 2: Remove the Strut Bolt

In the next step, you have to take off the sway bar link along with the tie rod fastener. Now, it’s time to loosen the ball joint. Get your hands on the knuckle.

Detach it from the upper ball joint. Make sure that the ball joint is loose in this position. Knock the tie rod end. Take it out of the place!

Now, get your hands on the strut bolt. Take a marker and mark the place it was so that when you realign, you get the right place.

Step 3: Get Net Strut Extensions

Get your hand son a jack once again and support the lower control arm. Take off the ball joint from the upper control arm. For this, you will need a pry bar.

Here, you have to push the knuckle. It will take it out of the way so that you can get to the strut. Go through the fasteners on the strut. You will find three of them. Unfasten them and take the lower control supporting jack lower.

Make sure the fasteners are tightening to the OEM specs. It’s time to add the new strut extensions. You have to place it over the factory strut.

Step 4: Push the Tie Rod

Here, you have to replace the strut. A crowbar can aid you in easing it back on the arm. The bolts should be lined up perfectly. It’s time to install the lower strut bold back again into the strut.

Repeat the process from the on the other side too. You need to install the upper ball joint once again! Get your hands on the tie rod end and push it. Get it into the taper. You have to fasten it now.

Step 5: Take the Vehicle Down

Once the previous work is done, you have to go through the ball joint. It’s time you tighten it down! Get your hands on the tie rod and the strut bolt. Do the same for these two too! Remember the three fasteners that were to secure the strut we loosened before?

It’s time to tighten them just like they were before! After tightening them, you have to go through the sway bar link and replace it! The last job you have is to replace the tires!

Don’t forget that tightening it according to the right specifications is a must here. You are almost ready! Hold the jack stands and remove them. Slowly, take the vehicle to the floor!

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FAQs on Truck Leveling Kit Installation

What are the benefits of truck leveling kits?

The basic benefit of a truck leveling kit is getting ground clearance. We always want to add larger tires to the wheels of our trucks and vehicles. With the truck leveling kit installed, you can easily raise the truck a little higher. It will allow you to add larger tires without any complications!

What does it mean to level a truck?

The process leveling refers to raising the front part of your vehicle or truck. With a specific kit, you can add 1-inch to 3-inch height to your truck. Eventually, you get ground clearance. After leveling, you will require alignment because the front part will get higher here.

How much does a leveling kit decrease MPG?

Yes, leveling kit reduces MPG as it deals with wind resistance. However, if you have installed the kit carefully, you don’t need to worry much. For installing the leveling kit, only 1-2 or close MPG will reduce.

Wrap Up

Yes, a truck leveling kit can do amazing positive changes to tour vehicles! But have you ever heard of the truck leveling kit problems? Yes, there are some issues according to the users. Check them out, solve them and enjoy your ride with some lifts! After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of lift!

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