Truck Leveling Kit Problems-Things you Must Know

No matter how much they tell you, whenever it comes to rising the front part of your vehicle so that you can even out the overall stance- a leveling kit is what you ask for! But what people tell is not completely wrong!

There are some problems with the leveling kit that can affect your truck too! If the installation is not accurate, you might face consequences! Check out the truck leveling kit problems that you might face!

1.  Imperfect Height

Whenever it is time to install a leveling kit, you need to measure your vehicle. And in this case, you must make sure that the measurement is right! You have to measure the difference between the front and the rear. And this is how you will know the height difference!

When you get to see that there are differences between the rear height and the front-height, all you need to do is make them equal. Your job is to lift it a bit to ensure an equal height. Imperfect height is a common problem. If the height measurement is not perfect, there will be alignment issues.

2.  Imperfect Angle  

In some cases, you might plan to rely on a truck leveling kit that is inexpensive. But be careful because some kits are highly inexpensive because the construction is not a good grade. And when you get a cheap leveling kit, it will make you suffer.

The positioning won’t be right and if you go for high speed or go down, your truck will shake. Eventually, it will break the truck’s components. If you check out Chevy 2500HD leveling kit problems, you’ll know that this is very common!

3.  Pinion Gears Wearing

After installing the kit, if you see the pinion gears wearing out faster than before-you know where the problem is! However, this process is not as fast as the other ones. This takes time! You won’t see changes in the pinion gears after one ride!

After you have run the truck for more than 500 miles or so, you will see that the damage is visible. And in this case, the situation will be severe. From here, the more you will drive the more worn-out pinion gears you will see!

4.  Imperfect Alignments  

If you are unable to place the leveling kit in the right place, there’s no LEVELING at all! That’s what we’re talking about! In the incorrect place, your leveling kit will face issues. There are chances that it breaks. In either case, if it doesn’t break immediately, it will damage gradually.

When you will drive the vehicle at high speed, you will notice severe vibrations. You might not notice the fracture or damage directly, but if you drive it on the major highways, you will listen to the noise. And yes, it will bother you!

5.  Excessive Fuel Consumption

As we told you before, never go for a cheap leveling kit. If you see a sudden increase in the fuel consumption of your vehicle after adding a new leveling kit, the cheap kit is the issue here! Cheaper kits have cheaper components that can harm the vehicle. Why would you want to harm the vehicle for the leveling kit? Get a good-quality one for a better response!

6.  Defective Driveshaft 

If you are on the road driving and you shift the vehicle, at times, you will notice bothersome noise. In this case, you must understand that the problem is related to the driveshaft.

On the other hand, when you drive, if you see unusual vibrations coming from under the vehicle, check the driveshaft. All you need to do is check the position or alignment of the driveshaft and fix it. If you ignore this, you will see it wearing off. And the process will be fast!

7.  Defective Suspension

When you are installing a truck leveling kit, make sure it is perfectly done. If you do not do it accurately, there are chances it will affect the vehicle’s suspension. There are situations where the parts of the suspension system have broken as the leveling kit wasn’t installed properly.

To make it right, all you need is a new set of shocks! Switching to a professional for the installation is an easy solution. Check out Chevy 2500HD leveling kit installation if you want to do it on your own!

FAQs on Truck Leveling Kits and Problems

Will a leveling kit damage my truck?

If you have installed the truck leveling kit perfectly, you don’t need to worry about the damage. But yes, if the installation is imperfect, there are chances of damage. In this case, relying on a professional for the installation is a good idea.

What are the cons of a leveling kit?

Adding a leveling kit will not bring any good changes to the overall appearance of your truck. Also, if you do not install it perfectly, you might voice the warranty of your truck! Imperfect installation mat lead to extra mileage and worn-out suspension!

Are leveling kit spacers bad?

We know that you might have heard that leveling kit spacers are bad, but that’s false! Whenever you go for the right and accurate installation method, all they will serve is good. In this case, make sure that the lifters are not lifting the truck too high! That can be bad, you know!

Wrap Up

So, you already know that if the installation is fine, you are only going to enjoy the pros of a truck leveling kit! You can always try on installing the kit yourself. But if you are confused, we recommend you settle for an expert! Better safe than sorry, right?

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