Where Are Hankook Tires Made

Where are Hankook tires made?

was the question what I was asked by one of my neighbors when he got fascinated with the performance of the tires. I literally didn’t know about its origin and history except its reputation and performance. Well, that’s quite normal. There is no one who never heard of the name of Hankook Tires out there.

Hankook Tires is one of the renowned global brands with some incredible tires in their records that has been serving the car enthusiasts for decades. With amazing reputation and performance, the brand became tempting and people got curious to know more about the brand.

Hankook tires is one of the few worldwide brands who manufacture top-notch tires yet these are available at reasonable price. It is the seventh largest company in the world, who is dedicated for manufacturing tires for automobiles.

Here, in the article, we’re going to dish up some amazing information regarding this brand you like to know. Let’s kick off.

Are Hankook Tires Pay Off?

Yes, it does. Hankook tires as we learn earlier is one of the largest tire manufacturing industries serving all the biggest markets out there. They ensure optimum quality in each tire. They apply the state-of-the-art-technology and hand-on experiences by involving drivers in the production process.

In addition, they come at budget-friendly price. Hankook made it happen by dint of cutting labor cost and by manipulating technology for affordable production processes. Thus, the company combines quality and affordability to serve the maximum customers around the globe.

Who Makes Hankook Tires?

Hankook is a Seoul based cutting-edge tire manufacturing company that was established in 1941 with the name Chosun. Later, it was renovated and reformed and adopted the current name Hankook. The company has their own manufacturing plants in the different corners of the world including the USA, Japan, China and Indonesia.

Along with manufacturing plants, it has own research labs dedicated to develop the manufacturing approach and to improve the quality and comfort while keeping the price under control. Hankook now holds the leading position in the tire manufacturing field.

Where Are Hankook Tires Made?

At the beginning, the company has a sole manufacturing plant in Seoul and produced tires targeting the local customers only. However, the scenario has dramatically changed. The demand started to grow rapidly as the quality convinced and satisfied the customers.

Later, they installed overseas manufacturing plant in the USA. The maiden overseas plant was named “Hankook Tire America Corp.” in Tennessee. Currently, they have multiple global manufacturing plants dedicated to optimize product’s quality and innovation.         

Who Is the Manufacturer of Hankook Tires?

In fact, what we know as Hankook Tires is a brand of Hankook Tires and Technology. The word Hankook is a Romanized word what means “Korea”. As the name hints you, it is headquartered in Seoul in South Korea.

The company is established in Seoul, South Korea by Mr. Cho Hong. Initially, the name of the company was Chosun in 1941 when the company is established. Later, in 1968, it adopted the name Hankook Tire and Technology with a new spirit and vision.

Generally, the company works as the supplier of several automobile companies partnering with many more. Say for example, Toyota, Ford, Lincoln and Chevrolet are many of them. Though the company is less known for manufacturing alloy wheels, battery and brake pads, Hankook Tire and Technology is doing great in this realm too.

The secret behind their reputation in the tire industry is the innovative approach in the tire elements. Their tech-philosophy is marked by the four key factors – performance, safety, comfort and, most essentially, environmental impact. The research and development centers around these four essential factors for manufacturing tires.

The company has several manufacturing plants in different parts of the world targeting the growing demands in the automobile industry. Starting in Seoul, South Korea, they have already installed manufacturing plants in the USA, Hungary, China and Indonesia so far.

In addition, Hankook has several technical centers in South Korea, China, Japan and in the USA to deal with technical matter swiftly.

What is the Achievement of Hankook Tires?

Hankook has a long record of appearing in the international competition with several facets. Product design is a common field where Hankook took part several times before and won prizes. The achieved several awards mostly from German-based Red Dot and International Forum Design.    

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Summing Up

The answer of “Where are Hankook tires made” has been dished up with several other information that will school you further regarding Hankook Tires. Hankook tires with optimized performance and affordable price leaves no choice to you. Because of it, we love it most. Thank you!

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