Linglong Crosswind: Who Makes Crosswind Tires

Like to know who makes crosswind tires? This article is written for you.

Even though the crosswind tires are not as famous as the other cutting-edge global tire manufacturing brands in the world that everyone knows about it. However, it’s appearing as the global brand and taking part in the race of becoming the leading brand in the field.

If you are an owner of a passenger car, SUVs light or a medium-sized truck, it is quite normal to hear of the name of this brand several times. With manufacturing facilities and testing centers around the globe, crosswind tires are almost available everywhere in the world.   

If you’re genuinely interested to purchase crosswind tires for your automobiles, you have so many things to know regarding this brand beforehand. Here, we’re going to hit on some of the common queries regarding crosswind tires.

What Are Crosswind Tires?

Coming from one of the gigantic tire manufacturing companies in the world, they offer highly qualified tires mostly for passenger car, SUVs light or a medium-sized truck. Manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology and brilliant team of workers, crosswind tires are highly durable and comfortable.

They are made of premium rubber that ensures supreme resilience along with optimum performance. The reason why crosswind tires came into existence is to keep the tires in affordable price range. In addition, they are said to comply North American tire standard while the price is cheap.

Who Make Crosswind Tires?

Behind the crosswind tires, there is a Chinese company named The Shangdong Linglong Tires Co. Ltd. With an aim to offer affordable tires in international market, the company initiated 40 years before. The manufacturer holds the status of being the third largest manufacturing company, while in abroad, it is one of the largest one.

With research and testing labs in Ohio and China, the company continues to improve quality and integrity. Misfortunate enough, the company cannot attract widespread reputation despite of having positive reviews.    

Are Crosswind Tires Any Good?

One testing facility proves that the crosswind tires failed to meet the expected standard. The test is measured as per the half of the result of an 8th place tire brand. So, you need to take this into serious consideration while you shop any crosswind tires.

Therefore you should not fit this testing result in all crosswind tires. They might have several other tires which can meet the North American standard and your expectation too.

So, ask the seller or ask the real users apart from just reading reviews online before you pay the price.

Are Crosswind Tires Safe?

The question relates several factors. More to say, it depends on the day the tires were made and you purchased for your automobiles. There are a lot of customers who leave their authentic reviews online after getting satisfied utterly, while a high volume of customers tends to doubt crosswind tires because of the origin.

The Chinese manufacturing, though enjoys little name, it is the potential brand growing globally and hitting the tire industry.   

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Summing Up

We have discussed about ‘who makes crosswind tires’ in this article to help you out before purchasing any crosswind tires. The Chinese-made crosswind tires leave several questions to the US customers for sure.

However, all crosswind tires are not questionable. Rather, they are amazing in performance and resilience. If you have enough knowledge over testing tires, you have bright possibility to get the perfect one for sure.

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